Princess Love Claims She’s Does Everything She Can To Keep Husband Ray J Happy, But Nothing Is Never Enough

Ray J and Princess Love have a pretty up-and-down marriage. The R&B singer turned reality star has always been a bad boy in the public eye, something solidified by his inclusion in the tape that made Kim Kardashian a star. In the years since the back and forth between him and Princess Love has been at the center of several series and seasons of Love & Hip-Hop. Love is opening up about the lengths she went to ensure her husband was satisfied and faithful.

Ray J (40) and Princess Love (37) tied the knot in 2016. They have welcomed two kids during their union, Epik and Melody. The couple has tried to divorce each other three times since getting married. In 2019, Princess Love tried to call it quits after alleging that Ray J left her and their daughter stranded in Las Vegas. She went through with her plans in May 2020, only to withdraw them a few months later. Ray J claimed that he never actually left her in Vegas and posted a video online showing that he was simply in another hotel but still in the city. He apologized by admitting to being heartbroken that she would take their beef to the internet.

The following year, Ray J fell very ill and flipped the script on Princess, claiming that he actually felt stranded and abandoned in the hospital while he was dealing with pneumonia. Ray J claims he was so hurt about her not showing up that he got his own apartment in Miami to process the betrayal. He would request another divorce only months after Princess dropped her before pulling that one back too.

The couple seems to still be having a rough time this year as well. They kicked off the year in the middle of a divorce proceeding, and back in March, Princess admitted that she was fine with whatever happened at that point. The super trailer for Love & Hip-Hop Miami revealed how bad it had gotten for the couple, as Ray J opened up about his hospital battle and going public dispute with the Kardashians following the rumor of an additional tape existing.

Ray’s vendetta against Kim and her family led him down a dark path for a few weeks, which resulted in some concerning social media rants and posts, culminating in some videos earlier this month of him alluding to wanting to harm himself while atop a tall building. Ray J was reportedly drunk and in a bad place while on vacation with Princess, who had to literally talk him off the ledge.

While drama continues to come to light in real-time, the current season of LHHM is revealing some of what’s led up to his current rants. During an argument with Princess on a recent episode, Ray J exploded on her after exposing his wife for having threesomes with him or being present in the room when he slept with other women. In her confessional, Princess admits that she would entertain this because she was not sure how else to please him or keep him happy. “Nothing is ever enough for Ray,” she admitted.

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