Quality Control’s CEO Remembers TakeOff, Reminds Fans To Be Respectful Of His Family

Family and Friends are still mourning the loss of Takeoff. His loss is the latest in a string of young rappers who’ve left this world to soon. To make matter worse, the rapper’s final moments were recorded and shared on social media. While media companies like TMZ do not have an issues sharing this type of footage, many are now asking that we respect his family during this difficult time.

The age of smartphones and social media means that people are able to capture moments like never before. While these have resulted in bringing people to justice, it has also contributed to a culture fueled by videos of people in their final moments. In TakeOff’s case, his passing comes not too long after that of PNB Rock, who’s life was taken while he was out enjoying breakfast with his girlfriend. Videos of Rock circulated online well before it was confirmed that he actually passed on the scene. Regardless, social media users continued to share it.

While many may be desensitized to this, others are not, especially those close to the individuals. Quality Control Label head Pierre “P” Thomas signed TakeOff, Quavo, and Offset years ago and has been close with the guys. He took to his IG account with a lengthy post about his fallen artist. In the caption, he also stressed how people need to be mindful of TakeOff’s family as they continue to reshare the video of his final moments or share their negative opinions.

“This is somebody’s child. Let them get thru this process with peace and love.” The Shade Room also asked followers to be more respectful. “we have all seen the images and videos from the scene of Takeoff’s passing. We are asking that you, please refrain from putting the images in our replies out of respect for his family and loved ones,” they said in a tweet.

Despite multiple pleas, the video continues to circulate throughout social media. There’s currently multiple videos uploaded on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views. Videos on Twitter have surpassed 1 million.

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