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Quavo’s Assistant, Joshua “Wash” Washington Identified As Second Individual Rushed To Hospital

TakeOff’s passing earlier this week continues to send shock waves through the entertainment industry. The situation is very nuanced and triggering for a community that has seen several other rappers’ lives come to an end in a similar fashion in recent months and years. In addition to fans mourning the loss of young and promising rapper, there’s a mother mourning the loss of her son.

The next point of conversation that has been dominating headlines is what exactly happened that night in Houston. TakeOff was reportedly injured during a dice game that he was not even involved in. His cousin Quavo was the one playing and things got heated. Fans who have shared the video all over social media believes the person responsible was a member of Quavo’s team who lost control of their fire arm. Although a person of interest has been identified, Houston PD has not released any names.

TakeOff is currently the only reported casualty of the event and, initially the only reported injury. However, TMZ is now confirming that there were two other’s injured. One person was Quavo’s assistant. 23-year-old named Joshua “Wash” Washington was rushed to local hospitals as well that night. His injuries were described as non-threatening. Wash is a member of Quavo’s entourage and a part of his Huncho Records staff.

A second person injured is a 24-year-old unidentified female. She too was taken to the hospital with no life-threatening injuries. As previously stated, TakeOff was the only casualty, passing at the scene after being struck in his head and torso. Different videos of the night continue to hit the net. While they are clearly disturbing, triggering, and disrespectful to TakeOff and his family, they have allowed people to piece together the events of the night in real-time.

Several social media videos show Quavo, TakeOff, and their entourage partying and hanging out right before the incident. One man can be seen behind Quavo in the car while a weapon is spotted by Quavo’s side. Later that night, the man seated behind him can be seen holding the same item as the fight broke out. People who have watched the footage have named him as the main suspect.

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John Davidson
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