Quiana Mann, Mother Killed By Her 10-Year-Old Son Honored With Posthumous Masters Degree,

The family of Quiana Mann has been suffering the unthinkable.

Six months ago, Mann was gunned down at the hands of her own son. The 10-year-old boy has been in police custody ever since, with her family trying to mourn both the loss of Mann and the boy since he will probably never come back home. Some comfort was offered to them this week in the form of an honorary degree from the college she was attending before her untimely passing.

Quiana Mann was a hard-working mother, raising her children while going to school. Mann’s 10-year-old son, whose name has not been released to the public, had known behavioral issues for years. He is said to have set furniture on fire and worried the family so much that they installed cameras in the home to monitor him.

Even more concerning, the cameras were disabled at one point by the boy. On the morning of Mann’s passing, her son retrieved a weapon from her gun closet and shot her in the face after she denied him a toy from Amazon. He then went on his tablet and ordered the VR headset before lying to police that he shot her by mistake. He has since been charged with murder.

Mann was hard at work on her master’s degree in business at Concordia University. Her mother says that Mann planned to give back to her community and wanted to eventually open a clinic to help others. “She had dedicated her entire career to the mental health field.

So for her, she saw this as an opportunity to grow,” her mother told local news outlets. She was only six credits shy of graduating. The university president reached out to Mann’s family and expressed interest in honoring her at what would have been her graduation.

“I think it’s just a tremendous opportunity for us to honor an excellent student and to help the family mourn,” Erik Ankerberg, University president, told reporters. Her mother accepted the degree on her behalf. “I feel like her. I’m gonna accept it with the honor that she would have; I know she would be proud; she’s proud now because she did it,” her mother said.

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