50 Cent Drags Teairra Mari Back To Court For $30K, Singer’s Lawyer Leaves Case, Claims She Owes Him Too

50 Cent strikes again. After trolling rapper Lil’ Kim on social media once again, he’s yet again going after another woman that he frequently battles with, Teairra Mari. It’s being reported that the rapper is taking Mari back to court in attempts to have money owed to him paid in full.

We all remember when Love and Hip Hop Hollywood alum Teairra Mari attempted to sue 50 Cent for sharing revenge p**n that her ex-boyfriend placed on the Internet. The “Make Her Feel Good” singer initially hired attorney Lisa Bloom in 2018 to represent her in the case. In a press conference, Teairra Mari expressed that 50 Cent was a friend of her ex’s and had “no remorse” or “regard” for her in the situation.

The case did not pan out well for Teairra Mari, however, and 50 Cent was able to claim the victory. In 2019, court documents retrieved by The Blast revealed that not only did a judge dismiss the case, but Teairra Mari had been ordered to pay upwards of $30k to cover a portion of 50’s legal fees.

Although ordered to cough up money to 50 Cent, Teairra Mari’s refusal to pay has been evident. In the spring of 2019, the singer released a single called “I Ain’t Got It”. The song was intended as a diss track aimed at 50 Cent. This would only compel 50 Cent to enter his petty bag and took hold of the song’s title and registered a website domain based on its name. On the site, the rapper began to sell his own merch. He also reportedly filed a trademark as well.

Due to the lengthy period of nonpayment, the fees for Teairra Mari would only accumulate. Court documents obtained by Radar Online in the summer of 2021 revealed that the former reality star owed an additional $6,000, making the total now over $37k. Teairra Mari also reportedly missed a June 24th deadline with 50’s legal team, which led 50 to return to court demanding they seize her assets. In September, Teairra Mari was sanctioned by a judge as she persists in her refusal to pay and answer questions pertaining to her financial status. She was then ordered to cough up another additional $6,385, according to Radar Online.

However, a new report from the news site states that Teairra Mari is in deeper and hotter waters as it pertains to this case. Reports show that 50 Cent is currently back in court in hot pursuit of the singer for the almost $50k that he was rewarded. The rapper is asking for answers on all of her assets that exceed a value of $200, as well as bank account information and royalty statements.

Not only that, however, but her new attorney after Lisa Bloom removed herself from the case, Edward Ward, is seeking permission from the courts to remove Teairra Mari from his firm’s representation. Another attorney named Leron Rogers took the case on and subsequenty dropped it as well, according to the site. Teairra Mari is also being accused of owing money to Edward Ward’s firm.

50 Cent and his team are looking to block this from happening. His legal team issued that the singer has “repeatedly disobeyed this Court’s order and thumbed her nose at its authority.” It is his belief that she will continue to abuse her “unlawful behavior” if he is allowed to be removed.

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