Rapper 50 Cent’s Son, Marquise Jackson Reveals How Much Money Mother Received In Child Support From Father, 50 Cent

50 Cent famously sang the record “I Got Money,” where he rapped about his enormous bank account. Fifteen years since that record release, he had multiplied his assets a few times over, becoming a television mogul and respected businessman in the liquor industry. 50 Cent is also working hard in the Texas School industry after moving down there to take advantage of billionaire-friendly taxes and a new partnership with the Houston Rockets arena. Despite his massive accounts and interest in investing in the youth, one child he does not seem to care much about is his very own.

50 Cent’s eldest son Marquise Jackson was introduced to the world in his father’s first breakthrough video for “Wanksta.” Born October 13, 1996, and the spitting image of his pops, the child can be seen in the video playing with action figures and sporting a jersey and big chain. Over the years, he would pop back up in his dad’s videos as the world watched him grow up before our eyes. 50 Cent credited his boy for motivating him early on in his career. “When my son came into my life, my priorities changed because I wanted to have the relationship with him that I didn’t have with my father.” 50 even has a tattoo of Marquise on his right bicep.

Unfortunately, a strained relationship with Marquise’s mother would eventually prove to put an end to his relationship with his son. Shaniqua Tompkins and 50 Cent have been at odds for years, with 50 claiming that she got greedy early on and eventually convinced his son to turn against him. As soon as Jackson turned 18, 50 cut him off, and he has been adamant about his feelings toward his eldest son ever since. 50 makes sure to post his youngest son Sire all the time now and even said he’d consider Tekashi 69 his son before he ever took Marquise back in.

Things could very possibly have stemmed from a 2008 lawsuit where Shaniqua sued 50 Cent following a fire in her Long Island mansion that left her and her son homeless. She believed the blaze was deliberate because she was living in the home with her new boyfriend and 50 Cent did not like that. The house was valued at over $20 million. This was when 50 Cent began referring to her as “entitled,” and he believes this was when she started persuading his son to turn his back on him as well.

Marquise Jackson went on live to vent about how he and his mother struggled due to his father’s reputation and lack of accountability. Fifty paid $6700 in child support, which Marquise claims was not enough for a family in New York. 50’s terrible reputation meant that Marquise and his mother could only live in certain neighborhoods to avoid being attacked by his enemies. Marquise was humbled by the interviewer, telling him that $6700 is more than enough for a lot of people, but he does not believe so. “I jumped out of a burning house. I know how it feels to have nothing.” Do you think $6700 is enough for child support?

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