Rapper Blueface Claims Pregnant Chrisean Rock Attempted To Burn Down Their Home

Rapper Blueface and Reality Star Chrisean Rock are at odds yet again and now the rapper is accusing Chrisean Rock of trying to burn down his estate.

The toxic pair took to social media to try and embarrass each other after their latest spat. According to rapper Blueface, Chrisean attempted to set their home on fire. However, the "Vibe" rapper clapped back, saying her baby daddy is the one trying to make their relationship go up in smokes. Blueface shared a clip of him walking into his house with the fire alarms going off. You can see Chrisean walk off-screen as he pans the camera to several of his plaques that she had smashed in the middle of the room.

Chrisean reportedly tried to set them on fire. Blueface criticized his pregnant girlfriend, asking her, "How dumb could you be" and "This must be your first time trying to start a fire." The whole incident certainly feels like a call back to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes's famous home fire in the '90s. Unlike Left-Eye's experience, Chrisean Rock did not burn Blueface's estate in the process.

In her own series of videos, Chrisean vents about how Blueface is jealous of her growing popularity and messed up a financial play for them in the form of a co-sign from rapper Lil Baby. Fans will recall Rapper Lil Baby sending Chrisean some messages where he called her his little sister. Blueface did not like this.

Chrisean Rock goes on to vent about money that Blueface is withholding from her and claims he keeps making fun of her for "jumping around in the club pregnant" when she's actually performing. Chrisean Rock believes the rapper does not want her to become more popular than him and is trying to sabotage her. She also accuses the rapper of owing her money. "I had a bag, and he just gets jealous. He trying to put me in a situation where I lash out."

Fans in the comments are starting to get real tired of their pair and their antics and are worried for Chrisean and her unborn child. "She might be strong as shit physically but let's be real, this mental game they got going on is SICK, and it really breaks my heart for her cause this ain't no way anyone should remember or live through pregnancy."

While the rapper is known to make some questionable decision one smart thing he did after signing his record deal was invest in real estate. Rapper Blueface became a first time homeowner at the age of 22. The rapper revealed he purchased his first piece of real estate back in 2019 while bragging he had the biggest property on his block. Last year a Tiktoker went viral when he was hired to paint Blueface's home with art designs.We're unsure if this is the same home Chrisean attempted to burn, we do know Blueface made a $1 million dollar investment in real estate. It was also revealed the rapper was renting out his estate for $2,500 a night on airbnb.

Rapper Blueface and Chrisean Rock baby will arrive later this year. Thankfully, their home was not burned down and both of them are safe.

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