Rapper Cardi B Attempting To Leave Tasha K and Her Family Homeless, Files Legal Documents To Have Bloggers Home Seized

The war between Cardi B and Tasha K wages on.

Despite her big win in court last year, Cardi B has been very vocal about how long it has taken Tasha and her team to pay up. Cardi’s team has been working overtime to make sure Tasha is taken for all that she is worth. While Tasha K has reportedly cleared all her accounts to banks overseas, it appears team Cardi is now coming after her house.

According to Hollywood Unlocked, aka Cardi’s bestie Jason Lee, a Writ of execution was filed April 20th against Tasha K’s Kebe Studios LLC in Georgia. It states that Tasha has to pay up the $4 million she owes Cardi or forfeit her property. A Writ of execution is “a process issued by the court to enforce and satisfy a judgment for payment of money, which is usually in the form of seizing and transferring over the defendant’s assets.”

Tasha K tried to appeal her case back in March, but the court ruled against her yet again. As a result, she took to social media to apologize to Cardi. This was after months of taunting her and running off to Africa, where she allegedly stashed her fortune. All of this is due to some bad headlines Tasha K blasted back in 2019, claiming that Cardi was a prostitute and had several STIs.

The McDonald’s spokeswoman promptly sued the pants off Tasha and has been not so patiently awaiting her money. One fan commented, “Cardi B is doing too much. She wants to make a black family homeless over some YouTube videos.”

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