Rapper Cardi B Ready For More Tattoos

Cardi B is the definition of hood fabulous. Despite her enormous fortune and status as one of the biggest stars in music, she has no issue with keeping up with the trends she fell in love with growing up in the High Bridge area of The Bronx. Cardi has done an exceptional job amplifying hood trends to the masses too, continuing to sport bandanas, long nails and massive fur coats right out of a ’90s hip-hop music video on some of the biggest red carpets in fashion. The latest trend she wants to try her hand at, a face tattoo.

Cardi has a history with signature tattoos. She has been synonymous with her peacock hip tattoo since her days as an exotic dancer. She updated it in 2020, stating on her IG that the ten-year-old tatt needed a makeover. Cardi reportedly endured seven days straight of work to achieve the desired result. The super-detailed piece features colorful flowers and a butterfly. “So after ten years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover.This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted 😩😂.Thank you @jamie_schene” she said in an IG post showing her before and after.

In another IG post, she showed off a different piece she got on her back. This piece features even more flowers and butterflies and covers the majority of her backside. “Okay guys!Soooo here it is!It took me several months but I’m finally finished.This is my back tattoo!It goes from the top of my back to the middle of my thigh.Thank you @jamie_schene” she said in the video, showing off her work.

Jamie Schene seems to be her go-to, so let’s see if he’s on board to help her with her latest tattoo creation. Over on Twitter, Cardi announced she might be ready to unveil her son’s name in the most unique way. “Random but …. I’m 1% close too tatting my sons name on my face….I really really wanna do it!” She then responded to a fan who asked about the location “I want mine on my jaw.”

If she decides to do this, she will join model Amber Rose who tatted her boys’ names on her forehead in 2020. Rose’s noggin reads “Bash Stash” in honor of her kids Sabastian and Slash. When teased about her work on social media, Rose fired back, “Not everybody is gonna get a face tat. That’s what separates me from them.” Cardi seems to be getting similar responses before even getting the work done. Fans are so against the hypothetical ink they are offering her alternative places to tat.

@iamcardib look at me this is not you your better than this maybe put it on your belly or stomach idk but DEFINITELY NOT ON YOUR FACE. Now I need you to read this tweet before you make a mistake,” shared a fan site. They also shared a screen shot of a tweet from Cardi in 2021 that read she was happy she did not get the face tattoo she wanted when she was 16.

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