Rapper Cardi B Reveals She’s Very Cheap Despite Being A Millionaire: “I’m Always Checking My Bank Account”

Cardi B is sharing how she keeps her money “Up” and stuck.

Her life and financial situation are majorly different from that of her childhood. But now that Cardi’s raking in millions, that doesn’t mean she’s frivolously spending. As a matter of fact, Cardi herself admits that she’s rather “cheap.” “I’m very cheap,” Cardi B shared on Sirius XM’s Sway’s Universe.

he Bronx rapper makes it very clear that although the public may see her adorned in flashy and expensive jewelry, she is always cognizant of her finances. Even though the money is there, Cardi chooses to ball on a budget. “I’m always looking at my account, and I regret a lot of things too,” she added.

As a celebrity of a certain caliber, one is often expected to “ball out of control.” Everything from the flashy cars to the private jets, to the occasional yachts. Of course, there are the shopping sprees and various expenses that will have people potentially “keeping up with Joneses.'”

For Cardi B, the chances of that happening are slim to none. The rapper expressed that she’s not even the type that wants to fly in private jets everywhere. So, if you happen to walk on a Delta flight, you could possibly bump into Cardi as she rides first class. She stated that she is not interested in spending thousands of dollars to fly in a private jet. “My ears still pop,” Cardi B explained.

Perhaps Cardi’s attempts at being frugal come from her impoverished background. As she was prepping to exit her teenage years, Cardi B began to strip in New York City in order to gain financial independence. She would also begin to do social media videos on Vine and Instagram, helping her to gain massive online popularity.

Cardi B has also stated in the past that she is not trying to go back to her broke days. The rapper once tweeted that no matter how much money she makes, she would bargain forever. She has also always been an advocate of investing your money.

Speaking with Vibe in 2016, Cardi reflected on others she knows that have not chosen to save or be smart about their money. Because of this, they are in the same predicaments they have been in for years.

In the interview, Cardi B encourages other young people to work extremely hard so that things will begin to pay off. “Invest your money,” said Cardi. “When I started dancing, I should have saved my money. When I was your age, I should have saved my money.”

This has not stopped the rapper from spending large sums of money in the past. When it comes to her husband, Offset, and daughter, Kulture, money does not seem to be an option. For his birthday, Cardi B once gifted him half a million dollars in cash, while his most recent birthday saw him receive a Lamborghini.

Kulture’s birthday parties are usually fit for a princess. Her last party birthday party was Cinderella-themed, clad with beautiful gowns and carriage rides! You know what they say. It ain’t tricking if you got it!

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