Rapper Cardi B Says She Feels Hopeless Trying To Make Offset Happy Following Takeoff’s Passing

The family of rapper TakeOff is still mourning his passing. Fans are still sad as well, and the internet is flooded with posts of people expressing their condolences and tributes to the late rapper. Cardi B recently opened up about her husband Offset’s status, revealing that he is having a really hard time coping in recent weeks. 

In a Twitter space conversation, Cardi B talked about people making jokes following TakeOff’s passing. “I know ya’ll been seeing my instastories and yall see Offset in and out. We’re living our life normally, but deep down inside, our hearts have been so heavy. If we talk about how we really feel and what we’ve been going through ya’ll would start saying ‘sympathy.’ We don’t want no sympathy; we’re not no charity case.” Cardi says she and Offset are really struggling, and she is having a hard time moving forward and keeping their spirits up. She threatened fans if they continued to be disrespectful. 

It seems Cardi was motivated by people trying to make light of the passing, with several sites falsely reporting on Offset promoting new music. XXL posted a clip of Offset today from Halloween rapping with the caption, “Offset teasing a new song with Future.” Some fans took the bait, not realizing the video was old, and commented, “This is bad timing. I get that he won’t switch up what he’s talking about just cuz of what happened to Takeoff, but his audience is still mourning. Should’ve waited longer.” 

More sympathetic fans have the same mindset as Cardi B and admit that the loss has been too heavy to simply move on in under a month. “I’m still mourning Takeoff & didn’t know him. Can’t even imagine what the family is going thru My soul is hurting for them & I find myself randomly praying for their healing #godbless.” 

Fans clapped back at Saweetie too, who dropped a diss record against Quavo a week after TakeOff’s funeral. Many thought it was a bad idea saying, “Takeoff just died everyone mourning ppl just wanted her to push the diss back.” Saweetie did not heed the warnings and suffered atrocious first-week sales as a result. 

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