Rapper Da Brat Preparing For Pregnancy, Plans To Carry Child To Experience Giving Birth

Da Bray and her wife, Jesseca Judy Dupart, have been together for some years before making things official. The rapper spent most of her 30-year career keeping her sexuality private. But in 2020, the Soul Train Lady of Soul Award-winning rapper boldly declared that she was in love with Dupart. Jesseca Dupart is the founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. During a conversation with BET Style, she shared that the two have been friends for some years. Soon, their feelings overtook them, and their friendship blossomed into something more romantic.

Dupart calls Da Brat “the sweetest person [she’s] ever met.” However, things weren’t always smooth in the beginning. The New Orleans-born entrepreneur revealed that she had to “chase” the rapper for a while. Eventually, she got tired of the pursuit and “ghosted” Da Brat, but the rapper, in turn, pursued Dupart. The rest, as they say, is history.

The pair decided to solidify their relationship in 2019, one year before making the announcement on their social media pages. Then in 2020, the couple revealed their relationship on Instagram, marking Da Brat’s coming out moment as a lesbian. In 2021, Jesseca Dupart popped the question to who would soon become her wife. Fans witnessed the proposal on their WE Tv reality series, Brat Loves Judy. Da Brat discussed their engagement while sitting alongside her then-fiancee on The Tamron Hall Show.

The Grammy nominated-rapper expressed that Dupart was the “first person to say ‘I’m interested” in her, which stunned her. “She totally broke me down,” said Da Brat. In addition, the rapper and television personality explained that Dupart makes her feel “so special.” She also made her aware of things she never “paid attention to” about herself. “You know, it was just really compelling. I didn’t know what to say,” Da Brat admitted. The couple had a beautiful, lavish ceremony in Georgia on February 22, 2022. But that isn’t the only thing that the couple revealed!

Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart excitedly made a joint announcement on Instagram that they were “EXTENDING the family.” The picture showed Da Brat embracing Duparts midsection as they posed for the image. In another, the rapper forms a heart with her hands around the area.   Interestingly enough, during a segment of Dish Nation in 2020, Da Brat revealed she already had a name picked out for their child. The rapper expressed that her child will carry “all of her names” and announced it as “Legacy Shawntae Dupart.” But their journey to motherhood would prove to not be the easiest. Nevertheless, the couple soon opened up about many issues they began to face.

While Da Brat has no children, Jesseca Dupart is a mother of three children from a previous relationship. According to Billboard, she has two sons and a daughter, who made Dupart a grandmother in 2020. She explained in an interview with TODAY that she first became a mother at 15. Dupart then gave birth again at ages 17 and 19 and suffered a miscarriage between her 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. 

Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart sat with Tamron Hall in a June 2022 interview to emotionally share some of their complications within their pregnancy journey. Dupart tearfully praised her wife for being “very caring” and the “most nurturing person she’s met in her life.” She shared that these qualities are why she wants Da Brat to experience motherhood.  

In addition, Dupart explained that she had to go to the hospital due to blood clots. “It’s just been a lot, but we’re not giving up,” she shared. As they both want their child to have pieces of each other, Da Brat also had to undergo numerous tests and medical processes.   “I have been to the doctor more than I have ever been in my life! How many pap smears’ a woman got to get?” said the rapper. However, they happily said they were not trying; they were “on their way.”

During an episode of Brat Loves Judy, the rapper received results from the doctor to determine whether she could carry their baby. Da Brat revealed that her doctor found two fibroids that could prevent her from carrying a child. However, Dupart wouldn’t accept that news and suggested they go see another medical official.

But Da Brat is persistent. Finally, she decided that she would carry their child, making it the top of her list of priorities. But the rapper spoke with model and television personality Eva Marcille about the doctor’s warnings of a high-risk pregnancy at her age. For Dupart, she shared in a confessional that she would rather Brat carry their child because it would be less “sentimental” for the rapper if she could not. However, if Da Brat cannot, Dupart shared that she would “mentally and physically” prepare herself.

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