Rapper Da Brat Reveals She’s Having Baby With White Man’s Sperm, After Failing To Find Eligible Black Male Donor

Da Brat and her wife, Judy Jesseca Dupart, are gearing up for their first child together.

The journey to motherhood has not been easy for the women, with Dupart having some severe health issues following a failed pregnancy last year. Now Da Brat is carrying their future baby, and the ladies have been keeping fans up to date on the journey. They recently revealed the race of their sperm donor.

Jesseca Dupart is already a mother of three, but after meeting and falling in love with the So So Def frontwoman, they decided it would be great for them to experience motherhood as a couple. Dupart took to her social media with the announcement of their first attempt, but the baby did not survive. The woman opened up while on the Sherri show, describing how the process of getting Dupart pregnant almost ended her life.

Da Brat has stepped forward to carry their child and seems to really be enjoying the ride. The rapper has admitted to being clueless about motherhood and even joked that she thought she needed to be drinking milk in order to develop her own breastmilk. She also said she was not sure how trimesters work, jokingly calling them “semesters” like school.

The ladies discussed finding a donor with The Root and admitted that they had a hard time finding a black one. According to the pair, they had to be selective due to Judy’s genetics. This left them with only 300 options, and only one was black.

Da Brat says the man was so ugly she and Judy opted for a Caucasian man instead. “He’s handsome, he’s tall, and I think he’s going to look beautiful with my wife’s egg,” Da Brat said about their donor.

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