Rapper DaBaby Struggling To Sell Concert Tickets, Now Offering $22 Buy One, Get One Free Tickets

Rapper Da Baby was once one of hip-hop’s most promising stars. His mainstream crossover was unprecedented and preceded by a string of hit records and viral moments. While he’s still one of Spotify’s top 100 streamed artists in the world, these days, he’s hanging around in the bottom 20 after a handful of controversies booted him from the top of everyone’s list. Things seem to only be getting worst as it is now being revealed that he can barely sell any concert tickets.

Da Baby already came into his success with a strike against him. The North Carolina rapper was involved in an incident before his career even took off. In 2018 he reportedly got into an altercation with man at a Walmart in Huntersville, NC. His initial charges were reduced to a misdemeanor for carrying a weapon, and it was all ultimately dismissed as self-defense. The rapper has spoke about this incident on various occasions. Eventually, he was able to move past it and become a force in the hip-hop and pop worlds.

Da Baby was selling out pretty well at the height of his career, headlining large festivals across the globe. It would be his shows that would bring him the most controversy, as he quickly became known as a bit of a loose cannon on stage. Da Baby famously slapped a female fan before hitting the stage for a Tampa show in March of 2020. The incident immediately got him booed off the stage. He later issued an apology saying he did not know who was on the other end of the phone because they had the flash on him.

His on-stage debacles continued, and in July of 2021, he took to Rolling Loud and let off some really choice words about women, gay people, and more. Amongst his controversial comments, Da Baby alluded to gay people performing acts in the parking lot and women’s personal hygiene. The whole ordeal got him some severe backlash that he only added to by doing a collaboration with Tory Lanez and publicly disrespecting Megan Thee Stallion, whom he had collaborated with several times during their mainstream ascends.

Da Baby’s nail in the coffin moment would come via an endorsement of Kanye West. After admitting he would vote Ye for president, Da Baby also appeared at his Yeezy listening shows and aligned himself with West and Marilyn Mason. All of this was followed by him very publicly abandoning his baby’s mother, DaniLeigh, and beating up her brother.

Da Baby tried to power through the drama, believing fans still loved and believed in the music. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. Despite being on tour right now for the Baby on Baby 2 trek, he is struggling to get fans to come out. He had to cancel a New Orleans show where only 500 people brought tickets out of 14,000. Now the Neighborhood Talk is reporting that Da Baby is giving his tickets away as a buy one get one package to get people to come out. Fans in the comments called it a “going out of business sale.

Fans in the comments called it a “going out of business sale.

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