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Rapper DaBrat Is Officially A Wife, Marries Jesseca Dupart

Congratulations are in order for Da Brat and her now wife! Fans have been following their love story and journey since they made their love public. Now, Brat Loves Judy stars Da Brat, and Jesseca “Judy” Dupart can finally say they are married. Here’s to their happily ever after!

The journey to marriage for rapper Da Brat and New Orleans-born entrepreneur officially began in 2019. Prior to this, the pair had a chance meeting in 2017 but fell out of touch. Soon, they would reconnect and eventually fall in love.   Grammy-nominated rapper Da Brat never opened up about her sexuality until she fell in love with Dupart and was soon unable to hold the news in any longer. Finally, in 2020, the couple made their relationship public and received a world of support from fans.  

Jesseca “Judy” Dupart, CEO and founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, gifted the “Funkdafied” rapper with a Bentley for her 46th birthday. The extraordinary gesture would prompt Da Brat to share an emotional video and message to her Instagram that revealed that the two were indeed in love. Da Brat mentions that she is usually a “private person,” but she then met her “heart’s match” in Dupart. “I have never experienced this feeling,” she wrote in the caption. “It’s so overwhelming that often I find myself in a daze hoping to never get pinched to see if it’s real so I can live in this dream forever.”

Next in their story came the engagement. While attending her Coming To America-themed birthday party in 2021, Da Brat was filled with tons of surprises. Out of the many that she experienced, one would be Jesseca Dupart’s surprise proposal, where she presented the rapper with three rings, each with a different significance. Then on September 24, 2001, the couple announced a wedding date of February 2, 2022, or “TWOSDAY” as they labeled it on Instagram, with a stunning photo of the date “2.22.22” tattooed on Da Brat’s back. 

News of the couple’s love journey just kept getting sweeter and sweeter. On January 31, 2022, Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart announced on Instagram that they were extending the family with a photograph of the rapper cradling her stomach.  Before their wedding date of 2.22.22, Da Brat made a sweet gesture to her girlfriend and asked Dupart to return the favor and marry her. A video clip posted to social media shows Da Brat nervously asking Dupart, “Will you marry me, too?” Then, getting on both knees and presenting her with a ring, Da Brat acknowledges that she was proposed to but declared to her girlfriend, “Every woman should have somebody on their knees.”

According to PEOPLE, the ceremony was held at the Horse Mansion in Georgia among family, close friends, and celebrities. Also in attendance was Da Brat’s sister, LisaRaye, who served as a bridesmaid, and co-worker Rickey Smiley. Super producer Jermaine Dupri was also on hand to walk his artist Da Brat down the aisle.

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