Rapper Eve and Husband Shares First Photo Of Son, Wilde Cooper

Looks like congratulations are in for rapper Eve and husband, Maximillion Cooper. The couple took to Instagram this morning to announce the birth of their first child together, Wilde Wolf Fife Alexander Somers Cooper. According to the Instagram post, Wilde was born on February 1, 2022. 

Throughout her pregnancy, Eve took fans through her journey to motherhood. If you recall, at the end of 2020, Eve announced she would be leaving the show ‘The Talk’ in order to begin a family of her own. “You have to be on the same continent with your partner to have a kid,” the rapper shared. Nearly a year later, the ‘Queens’ star announced her pregnancy to the world in an emotional post on Instagram at the age of 42. 

For years, Eve has been very vocal about infertility issues and the difficulties of becoming pregnant. Prior to her pregnancy, Eve recalls learning she had 14 fibriods. According to her doctor, no matter how much sex she attempted to have or any treatment she sought, the rapper would never get pregnant until she had them removed. Eventually Eve underwent a Myomectomy to have the fibroids removed and increase her chances of having her first child. 

During the pregnancy, Eve did face a few minor complications of her own. While speaking with Tamron Hall, the rapper shared she went to the hospital twice in two weeks after experiencing dizziness and having issues walking. Eve said she didn’t know what was happening. However, her doctor sent her home noting her symptoms are common for pregnant women. 

Eve’s husband, Maximillion Cooper, also announced the exciting news to the world on his Instagram account, captioning the post, “Let the wild rumpus begin!” Before the arrival of Wilde Wolf Fife Alexander Somers Cooper, Max was a father to four children, all from his first marriage with ex-wife, Julie Brangstrup. Lotus Cooper, Cash Cooper, Mini Cooper and Jager Cooper. 

Eve has spoken about the joys of being a stepmother to Max’s children in the past. During a People Magazine interview, the rapper admitted it took years to adjust to becoming a stepmom to four children. She credits them for ‘grounding’ her and call them her ‘bonus children.’ The ‘Ruff Ryder alumni’ also never believed she would be with a white man, which has stirred a lot of controversy in the past from fans with their own public opinions. Eve and Max began dating back in 2010. The couple got engaged Christmas day in 2013, and married in 2014. 

Now that Eve has given birth, many wonder if the rapper will return to the hit ABC show, Queens to reprise her role as Brianna, aka Professor Sex. Eve went on maternity leave mid-season of the show. Although Eve has yet to confirm whether she’ll return to the show, producers are hopeful and will welcome the rapper back with open arms should she choose to return. 

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