Rapper Eve Reveals Her Journey To Motherhood

Eve is opening up about her struggles with pregnancy. The chart-topping rapper and former co-host of CBS’s The Talk recently revealed her reasons for leaving the show. Eve is more than ready to focus on her family, but according to her, there have been issues with being able to conceive. Back in November of 2017, Eve was announced to be the new co-host of The Talk, replacing Aisha Tyler. At the time, Eve had already relocated to London as she is married to her husband, Maximillion Cooper. However, with the pandemic’s tight clutches on the world, traveling for Eve would become that much harder.

Eve made the emotional announcement on an episode of the show and explained that there was absolutely no bad blood between herself and the other co-hosts, nor any of the crew members. In the same speech, Eve shared that she desires to be with her husband and stepchildren and that she will be taking the time to focus on “expand” and be with her family.

Eve’s new family life officially started in July of 2014 when she became married to her now-husband. With this marriage, she was now the mother of his four step-children that he had from a previous marriage. Admittedly, the decision to become a stepmom was a hard decision for Eve, telling Us Weekly of how unsure she was initially.

“It took a minute,” Eve said. She shared that family vacations and taking the time to get to know them helped to make the transition much easier. Eve also credits her having a stepfather as a child for helping her to be an efficient one as an adult. “When you become an adult, you kind of forget that you used to be a kid and you have feelings,” Eve explained. “So, it’s important for me sometimes to say, ‘Well, what’s happening here? What’s going on?’”

As for Eve’s plans to expand their family with her husband, she’s working hard to make that happen. However, Eve has explained in the past that she has had issues with fertility, which have made those plans increasingly harder. During an episode of The Talk, Eve joined her co-hosts in speaking on their respective struggles and Eve opened up about her issues with getting pregnant. The rapper stated that she felt “shameful” discussing it because, “As a woman, you just think things happen naturally and I felt like I was damaged,” she said according to USA Today.

Eve continued to share that she felt “broken” and that she was “not good enough” as a woman because of her inability. However, she is thankful for the support from family and understanding fans who have offered much encouragement to her. In the same conversation, she also spoke on the double standard that men were not given this same treatment when they are of a certain age and without children. In another episode, the 42-year-old expressed that she and her husband have been “trying and trying” relentlessly. You can hear Eve speak on her issues with pregnancy below.

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