Rapper Eve Reveals She Had 14 Fibroids and Didn’t Know About Them: ‘I Was Told I Would Never Get Pregnant Until I Got Rid Of Them’

Eve is on the promo trail for her new series Queens, co-starring Brandy and Naturi Naughton. The show is supposed to be an empowering look at a group of women coming together after being in a girl group 20 years prior. They hope the series sheds a light on relationships between women and how they can uplift and support each other in a world that is always pitting them against one another. Eve is looking to take this a step further and really use her platform to educate women on things that she was unaware of. Things that held her back for years from being able to get pregnant.

Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velasquez recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the new show. The show premiered this past Monday, October 18th only a couple days after Eve revealed she was pregnant. During the candid sit down she opened up about leaving her job at The Talk to be closer to her husband. She explains that during her 3 and a half years on the show she was flying from Los Angeles to London every 2 weeks. The flights took a toll on her. “I was a zombie, forreal” she told the Breakfast Club. When COVID began she was even more worried about flying.

Eve is currently a step mother to his 4 children from a previous marriage but wanted to have her own baby. So moving home helped with that as well. The soon-to-be mom discussed how her cast members were some of the first to know she was expecting, and explained that she knew during her Verzuz with Trina, which is why she did not appear in person because she was afraid to travel at the time.

Speaking on the spirit of the show and their desire to empower women, Eve opened up about her health struggles and the things she was unaware were holding her back from getting pregnant. Angela Yee asked if she felt having time at home helped her sort through her fertility struggle. “It helped me a ton!” she said.

She goes on to explain her doctor discovered 14 fibroids that she was unaware of. She said that in all her years of trying no other doctor ever got her an MRI or did a detailed enough check to see if something was wrong with her. She reveals that had she not gotten the fibroids removed she would have never gotten pregnant. The women go on to point out that fibroids are incredibly common amongst black women but not really spoken about.

“Periods are not supposed to be painful!” she declares. She says this is a myth women are told to except. She goes on to stress how important it is to go to the right doctors who listen to you. “Most of us know instinctually, especially women, somethings going on. So if you feel that, please do it. Cause if I didn’t go to this women I wouldn’t be where i’m at now.” She reveals that her baby is due in February 14.

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