Rapper Future Claims He Spent $3M Last Year Tricking: “Every Time I See A Beautiful Woman I Have To Splurge”

Future has a reputation as one of the most toxic men in music. It’s one he embraces and leans into with his songs and branding. He is not afraid to flaunt his money, date multiple women, and disrespect his baby mothers. So who better to interview him than Kevin Samuels, the Instagram relationship guru known for his own toxic brand of advice and opinions. The pair got together in a promotional clip for Future’s upcoming single “Worst Day,” where Samuels “interviews” Future. One part of the clip making the round is when Future confesses to having an addiction to spoiling beautiful women. 

In the clip, directed by Daps, Kevin Samuels and Future sit in chairs facing one another like an Oprah Interview. The scripted back and forth finds Samuels commending Future on his bravery for coming forward with his “addiction.” Samuels then goes on to list some of Future’s high-end purchases from Burkin to Dior, 5-star hotels and AP watches. Future pretends to be embarrassed, confessing that last year alone, he spent “2 or 3” when asked how bad it was. When Kevin tried to clarify, saying, “2 or 3 thousand, that’s not that bad,” Future connected him saying, “No, 2 or 3 million.” 

The “Mask Off” hitmaker then begins to lament about feeling out of control. He tells Samuels that every time he sees a beautiful woman, he just has to splurge on her and spoil her. The “interview” ends with the clip cutting to the title card with the song playing in the background. “Worst Day ft @kevinrsamuels Dir by @flexgoddaps” be said in the accompanying caption. Over on his own page, Samuels captions it “Future – Healing Together With Dr. Kevin Samuels (Worst Day Official Video Trailer).”Fans loved the trailer with one commenting “Why They Play The Sad Music When He Said Everytime I See A Beautiful Women I Gotta Splurge 😂😂😂.”

This is Samuels’s second high-status rapper endorsement. Last week He was able to get on Live with Nicki Minaj, where he “rated” the “Super Bass” rapper and told her how symmetrical her face was.  For Future, this could not be more on-brand for him. The rapper is known for dating many women and poking fun at his relationships whenever possible. He also frequently talks about his women in songs. 

Future’s most famous ex would obviously be Ciara. This pairing resulted in a child together, Future Jr. It also helped noticeably raise both their status, with Ciara bringing Future into the fashion realm and him making her relevant for newer fans too young to remember her debut album and all its success. 

Following his split from Ciara, he briefly dated Lori Harvey. Future and the socialite seemed to be having a lot of fun together, with him talking about her in various songs. After they split, Lori got with Michael B Jordan and seemed to be super in love. Future has dismissed this happiness calling Jordan a “simp.” 

Future then had a fling with Basketball wife Larsa Pippen following her divorce to NBA legend Scottie Pippen. Larsa has dismissed how serious the relationship was, claiming that they are just good friends and that he helped her through her post-divorce days.  He’s also rumored to have dated Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna briefly. He’s got eight kids in total by eight different women. No word yet on when “Worst Day” will be released. The trailer ends with “Coming Soon.” 

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