Rapper Future Is Known For Baby Mama Drama, But His Newest Baby Mother Is Making Wild Claims About Him

Future seems to never be able to win when it comes to his baby mommas. The ‘mask off’ rapper has eight children by eight different women. The superstar rapper also has a history of being a bad co-parent and beefing with the mothers of his children online, and it looks like one tried to beat him to the punch this time, attempting to air Future out and expose their bedroom antics.

Future was famously linked to Ciara, who, despite all his taunts, has taken the high road since their split. Her one bit of petty came in the form of her single “I Bet,” where she aired out how he cheated on her and hid his side chicks in his phone under the names of restaurants. The successful pop star would go on to marry Russell Wilson who Future has a history of taunting. Most recently, the rapper released a new single where he alluded to still being intimate with Ciara. He also hired a ‘Russell Wilson’ lookalike to star in the video. Despite Future’s constant attempts to get the Ciara and Russell Wilson’s attention, the pair have opted to ignore the rapper instead focus on raising their three children, which includes Future’s biological son, Future.

Eliza Reign and Future had a very different experience with their daughter, Reign. Future initially denied their daughter, forcing Eliza to have to go to court to demand a paternity test, child support, and full custody. Eliza told the judge that Future asked her to get an abortion and then threatened to put a bounty on her head if she didn’t. Eliza Reign asked the judge to grant her $53,000 a month. She was eventually awarded $2300 a month in child support but is pushing for more based on Future’s income. To date, Future still does not have a relationship with Eliza’s daughter.

When Future did his Mother’s Day shout outs in the past, he mentioned two unidentified women and two children named Kash and Paige. Well, one of those women has decided to finally speak out on her toxic relationship with Future and exposed him in a series of rants on her IG story. She claims that he used to make her “eat the groceries” during their time together and stopped speaking to her every couple of months. He recently stopped paying child support too.

The unidentified woman claims that Future does not mind the drama behind the scenes but gets absolutely furious when someone takes his issues to the internet. She also came for fans who claim she was paid “hush money” to have his child quietly and not be an issue to him. She says she’s always been “solid” and feels like she deserves better treatment.

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