Rapper Gangst Boo’s Brother Blamed For Her Death After Giving Her Laced Substances While Partying, According To Crunchy Black

Rapper Gangsta Boo’s cause of death has finally been revealed. The former Three 6 Mafia rapper passed away on New Year’s Day after a night out partying with her brother. The beloved rapper was prepping a comeback and new music for 2023 before losing her life. Sadly her brother is taking the blame for the overdose that ended in her death.

Gangsta Boo was born Lola Mitchell. She was discovered in her home in Memphis, TN, on New Year’s Day. Her official cause of death was revealed as a fatal mixture of fentanyl, ethanol (alcohol), and cocaine. The 43-year-old’s brother was also present with her and overdosed as well but survived.

While speaking with VladTV following her passing, group member Crunchy Black admitted that he blamed her brother for her passing. Crunchy Black said that he and the female rapper had shot a music video before she died.

Music artist Crunchy Black said that he was not sure what led Gangsta Boo to do that many substances that evening and admitted that maybe the rapper was dealing with something he was unaware of.

Music fans in the comments feel that Crunchy Black has no right to blame her brother and think the rapper was fully responsible for her own passing. “Nobody is to blame but gangsta boo, period,” said one fan. “Yep, that’s how ppl in jail feel; they get out and blame everyone else who wasn’t there, didn’t give money, etc,” said another.

Other people believe that Gangsta Boo was clearly acting on her own accord. “Why would she take the same drugs that her brother OD’d on? I just don’t understand it. I guess she thought she could handle it.😭”

Members of her team have worked hard to complete new music for an upcoming album in her honor. A posthumous project for the female rapper is scheduled to drop on August 7 to celebrate her 44th birthday.

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