Rapper Jeezy Declares His Love For His ‘Beautiful Queen’ Jeannie Mai In Heartfelt Birthday Post

Jeannie Mai and Young Jeezy continue to share their love and happiness with fans ahead of the birth of their first child together. The daytime talk show host and rap star have been all smiles cuddling up in cute posts on social media and sharing their pregnancy journey. For Jeezy, this is not his first child, but for Mai, this is a milestone pregnancy because for so long, she did not want children. The pair have talked at length about what made her change her mind and why they are such a perfect match for each other. Jeezy wanted to show some appreciation for his lady and yesterday hit her with a beautiful birthday shoutout on IG.

Jeezy and Jeannie appear to be posing it up on a beach at some sort of resort. While he rocks a white bucket hat and blue and yellow print short set, Mai keeps it super sexy with a black bathing suit, black hat, white button-up, and brown sandals. Her most important accessory, the baby bump, is on full display.

In the caption, Jeezy expresses how much Mai means to him, saying she is someone he cannot “live without.” According to Jeezy, “They say find someone you can live with, I say find someone you can’t live without. If it’s us against the world so be it….Happy Birthday My Beautiful Queen (wedding ring emoji).” Their famous friends chimed in, sharing their well wishes for Mai on her birthday. Ludacris commented with a beach wave emoji followed by a palm tree and two crowns to symbolize the royal pair on vacation.

The duo are known for showing each other a lot of love on social media since early on in their relationship. Last September, in a post before Mai was more visibly pregnant, Jeezy thanked her for taking him to Fashion Week by taking her to his hood in Atlanta. “It’s called balance,” he captioned the post of the two of them smiling and hugging in front of his childhood home. In the following picture, you see the two of them posing it up at fashion week.

Mai has not been shy either about showing her man love and recently shared clips from the pair’s winter-themed baby shower. In a post from December 23rd, Mai showed off their lavish party in honor of “Baby Sno,” a play on Jeezy’s nickname The SnowMan. The all-white affair looked like a blast as Jeezy and Jeannie partied it up with friends and family taking pictures and dancing.

For most of their pregnancy, “Baby Sno” has mostly been referred to as Baby J. Jeezy and Jeannie revealed last year that they had no desire to find out the baby’s sex before birth, calling it one of life’s last real surprises. Instead, they’ve opted for a genderless pregnancy and have kept everything neutral in the baby’s room.

Mai recently opened up about being unprepared for the big day. In an interview, she confessed that she was unaware she needed to stay home in the last few weeks and could not travel. She was planning an impromptu trip to Nashville when a friend reminded her that she has to stay near the hospital. Mai also was not aware she needed to pack a bag for delivery day and laughed about how she and Jeezy felt so unprepared.

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