Jim Jones Sets The Record Straight Following ‘Joke’ About Mama Jones Teaching Him To Kiss

Jim Jones rose to fame as a member of Dipset and a prominent force in ’00s hip-hop. The Harlem MC has remained a mainstay in the spotlight thanks to his inclusion in the Love and Hip-Hop franchise’s New York installment. There, he introduced the world to his family which includes long-time girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, son Purdie and his mother Nancy Jones. Known to the fandom as Mama Jones, Nancy became an instant fan favorite for her crazy personality and unfiltered demeanor. Jim and his mother also share a controversial bond that he recently discussed during an episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service.

Jim Jones opened up about a number of topics during the hour and a half discussion. Amongst them was his relationship with his mother, Nancy Jones. Nancy and Jim’s father Joseph had Jim when they were very young. Nancy was about 16 years old. While discussing his father’s addiction, Jones opened up about his mother and how she never downplayed his father. According to Jim, Nancy always spoke highly of his dad and allowed his son to have a good impression of him instead of being focused on his flaws and shortcomings.

When the discussion shifted to Angela hoping to have Nancy on the show, Jim and the ladies of Lip Service began to laugh and talk about how ideal a guest she would be. “I hope you’re ok with that,” Angela told Jim when announcing that Nancy would be on. Jim clearly agreed, saying, “that’s who ya’ll need on this show. I hope ya’ll ready for it. That is a born, wild, woman.”

When asked what exactly Mama Jones taught him, Jim says that she taught him everything from protection to kissing. According to Jones, his mother taught him how to tongue kiss by demonstrating on him. “My moms taught me how to kiss when I was younger. There wasn’t no instructions. She showed me with her mouth.” When Angela appeared shocked, Jim dismissed the outrage saying, “that’s my mother!”

“Remember, my mom was 17. She was a baby,” he told the hosts. Jim went on to say that the relationship between teen parents and their kids can be a little different since they do not have a huge gap in age. As a result, sometimes younger parents feel more like older siblings than actual adults to their kids.

The internet did not seem to find this revelation too funny and immediately began running with the story that Jim Jones and his mother had an inappropriate relationship. Fans even updated Mama Jones’s official Wikipedia to say, “[She] and Jim Jones had a “relationship” when he was a child.” Jim did not find this amusing and took to social media to dismiss the outrage and let fans know that he was joking. Jim reported live from the hair salon and addressed fans while a woman did his hair. “For the record, I love my mama more than anything in the world. And for the record, it was a joke. You people take things way too far. It don’t bother us anyway but let’s make it clear. That’s weak what y’all trying to project.”

Jones went on to tell people that the media likes to sensationalize things too much and that they need to move on because it was just a joke. He went on to say that life is good and he appreciates all the support, even thanking fans for helping him “go viral again.” “Love you mommy!” he says before the video ends.

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