Rapper JoeyBADASS Sends Advice To Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian continue to be the topic of discussion only a few days removed from his shocking revelation. Thompson father a child with another woman, a baby he conceived hours after Khloe Kardashian threw him a massive 30th birthday celebration last March. Thompson has been getting dragged over the coals by everyone but found some support today via rapper Joey Bad***. Joey believes that there’s a simple solution for a man who cannot commit to one woman and feels the idea that Thompson should only be faithful to Khloe is “western bs.”

Infidelity has been a constant in Khloe and Thompson’s relationship from the start. Tristan famously left his first baby mother, Jordan Craig, while she was still pregnant with their son Prince to be with Khloe. Then, while Khloe was pregnant with her daughter True, videos surfaced of Tristan making out with two women at a hookah lounge. He would go on to hook up with family friend Jordyn Woods and countless other women prior to their latest fiasco and him having a son with fitness instructor Maralee Nichols.

To make matters worst, Thomspon denied his relationship with Nichols for months and was even suing her. Nichols, who gave birth on December 1st, granted Thomspon a paternity test and proved he was the father. An embarrassed Tristan took to his IG earlier this week to apologize to Nichols and beg Khloe for forgiveness. According to rapper Joey, it’s evident that Thompson cannot be with just one woman, and he should not have to, nor should he keep apologizing to Khloe. In a series of tweets, the rapper says that a lot more couples would be happy if they believed in polyamory.

Joey believes that relationships should be “expansive and beneficial for all.” His comment about “western bs” seems to be a reference to African and Middle Eastern cultures where men are allowed to take on more than one wife. While Joey is a native of St. Lucia and from Brooklyn, NY, it appears he adopted the idea of multiple partners into his life and feels it’s the solution to Thompson.

Joey also let fans know that if they’ve “ever been with someone non-exclusively, guess what, you’re polyamorous.” He continues, stressing that unconditional love means “with no conditions,” and the idea of monogamy is limiting. Fans engaged with the rapper on Twitter and offered their own opinions on the matter. “Romantic love should be conditional. Unconditional love usually end up in u getting abused in some way. That’s why we love family unconditionally and take the most [stuff] from them” said one. Another person responded by saying, “polyamory involves consent. There are people who cheat because they enjoy manipulation, they enjoy power dynamics, They enjoy the thrill of potentially being caught.” Many did not agree with Joey’s definition, and even fewer agreed that it is the solution for Thompson and Khloe.

We’re uncertain if Joey’s advice will sit well with Khloe Kardashian, but maybe the rapper has a point as it relates to Tristan Thompson. Since the start of his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, there have been rumors relating to constant infidelity. Some people blame Khloe Kardashian and claim it is karma since the reality star stole Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom from other women.

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