Rapper Juvenile Son, Young Juve Shot In Head and Face While Driving Rental Car, Images Of Incident Leak Online 

Rapper Juvenile has been hanging out on the Billboard charts for years now, but his kids still kick it in the hood.

His son, Young Juve, was recently involved in an incident that could have easily claimed his life. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief today as he took to social media to reveal he made it out alive with the battle scars to show it. 

Two days ago, it was reported that Young Juve had been hit by gunfire while driving a rental car. One site shared the footage of the car and its shattered windows with the caption, “@youngjuve was shot in the head & face while driving in a rental car.

He’s in good condition.” Fans in the comments said, “Glad u are still here to tell ur story,” one person commented. Another said, “Ya daddy was a gangsta not u. Chill, begging u die next time.” 

Young Juve took to his own social media to show off his smiling face with a huge bandage on his cheek. “Gangstas **** up all the time and ***** sneak around bullets hit car rule #1 don’t put yo head down #killuminati,” he said in the caption.

One person commented, “😮them words came to life quicker than you could release😮‍💨 the power of the tongue🤫be safe🙏🏽,” while another said, “Glad you’re okay Luv 🖤🖤.” One person summed up many people’s thoughts with, “Why do y’all keep shooting these rappers. Something ain’t right. Smh.”

The whole incident took place a day before Young Juve’s birthday. On his father’s page, the Hot Boys rapper sent his son some well wishes while sharing throwback photos.

“Happy bday Junior @youngjuve; wow, time has flown by, and you still here with your pops it’s your turn now show them who you are love you 💯💯💯.”

Young Juve has been releasing music on Cash Money Records and shared a release from several weeks ago that he got Birdman’s blessing for. “@birdman gave me the green light, now all I see is red 🧨 Link In Bio,” he said in the caption. 

Juvenile has not released any statements following the incident. It’s important to note, Juevnile’s daughter was killed in 2008 along with her mother, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Deputy Joy Deleston, and half-sister, Micaiah. Joy Deleston’s son, Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr got into an argument with his mother which led to the incident.

Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. later pled guilty to the charges. He’s currently serving two life sentences.

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