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Rapper Kanye West Explains The Reason He’s Losing All Of His Riches and Being Broken Down

Kanye West is back in the news today, thanks to his latest interview. The polarizing rapper turned designed turned politician is saying some newly puzzling things about his current situation and how he thinks that it is somehow the doing of a higher being in an attempt to break him down to be a better “servant.”

While guesting on the Tim Cast podcast, Kanye opened up about his children. He hesitated momentarily when talking about them and elaborated, saying that he believed his kids would be fine without him because their mother was rich. “God is using me. He’s breaking me down. Removing all of the ‘richest person,’ all of this so I can serve him.” Ye continues by saying, “the more and more those things are taken away from me, the more I can be empty and be a vessel. And be able to be used, and right now it’s like ‘you’re not gonna take my pain away,’ right?”

West went on to bring up J- people again, saying while he cannot take away the pain from the holocaust, people cannot deny the fact that “they” tried to have him lock them. West believes he has been holding stride throughout all of what has been transpiring but has not been given any grace during such a tumultuous time. He then compared himself to MLK And Malcolm X before storming out of the interview when asked to elaborate on who “they” are.

West has been open about his desire to serve God throughout his career. It is the reason he has frequently turned to making spiritual or gospel music and why he goes on rants about helping the homeless and trying to help people feel safe by building communities like his YEcosystem. The interview, like most Kanye interviews, divided people in the comments.

“I have no issue with anyone finding their own spiritual path. But take us out the group chat. Heal privately,” said one person. Another responded, saying, “He clearly compared his response and tactics to that of Malcolm x and MLK… I thought I was more of a fighter, but I found out I’m more of a peaceful, non-violent type… How did y’all not understand that?” said a supporter.

John Davidson
John Davidson
John Davidson is a California native who enjoys hip hop music, skiing and traveling international. Davidson graduated from USC majoring in Journalism.


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