Rapper Kanye West No longer Walk Around With Security

Kanye West is one of the biggest and most polarizing figures on the planet. The Chicago rapper is known for his public outbursts and short temper. More so in recent years, as Ye’s struggle with bipolar disorder has become more public. While it stands to reason that someone this unpredictable would need to keep 24-hour security on hand, Kanye recently revealed he has no desire to be protected. During a recent discussion with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, West confesses that he feels safer alone.

Kanye West and Jason Lee have become fast friends. West seems to have taken a liking to Lee, even including him in a historic outing that featured Floyd Mayweather, Madonna, and Antonio Brown. In an attempt to clarify some of the crazy stories attached to his name in recent weeks, Kanye decided to link up with Lee to clear up a few things.

While the convo veered from his estranged relationship with Kim to his desire to be regarded as a genius, at one point, the topic shifted to Ye’s current security situation. Lee points out that he thought he saw Kanye drive to the interview alone. Kanye said no, he took an Uber. Lee then questioned how it could be possible for Kanye to be allowed to go around alone, especially with so many people knowing who he is.

Kanye argued that some of his other high-profile friends do not use security, using Survivor creator Mark Burnett as an example. While Lee understands that Burnett is a public figure, he argues that he is nowhere near as recognizable as Kanye. Lee then goes on to call West a billion-dollar man, with West correcting him. “10 billion,” he said with a smug expression. “I don’t like that,” said Lee flat out when West revealed he does not believe in security. According to Kanye, “God got me,” he says before singing a line of Drake’s “God’s Plan.”

West goes on to say that security are actually the ones who set you up and that they often slow him down and make things more complicated. Kanye believes that people love him so much that if something was to happen to him, they would just love him even more. He feels he is a hard person to be mad at, and that is because he believes in love and kindness.

It is important to note that only two weeks ago, Kanye was recorded getting into an altercation with an autograph seeker. According to West, the person was just looking to get his autograph to resell it online. A cousin tried to calm him down, demanding he hold her hands. “I am your family,” she tells him. West is visibly upset and yelling, “get away from me.” He also kept yelling, “you were supposed to talk to her!” West revealed earlier in the interview that he had asked his cousins to mediate between him and Kim, so it’s possible he was taking out his frustrations with that on the autograph seeker.

A security-less Kanye was escorted into the hotel by staff and his family members while a man lay on the floor, and another asked off-camera, “why would he do that? What’s wrong with him.” According to TMZ, “Cops are investigating Kanye West for allegedly punching an autograph seeker, and TMZ has obtained this video showing the man laid out on the street as Kanye rages at people who apparently work for him.” Would this have happened if West had security?

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