Rapper Kanye West Wants The World To Stop Assuming He’s ‘Off His Meds’ Every Time He Speaks Up

Kanye West is speaking his mind! But then again, when doesn’t Kanye West speak his mind? The rapper, businessman, and CEO has taken to Instagram to, shockingly, add other artists and organizations to his list. But all that Kanye has been doing lately in the media has left some fans to wonder. Is Kanye West off of his meds?

Suppose you have been following the news lately. In that case, Ye is embroiled in what appears to become a very bitter divorce battle with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. The rapper, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album DONDA 2 – the sequel to its parent album, has vocalized his disdain for the divorce while often giving fans a play-by-play of its events.

Lately, Kanye West has had his sights on Kim Kardashian and her whole family. Another unlikely victim of Kanye’s wrath lately has been Pete Davidson, who is currently romantically involved with Kim Kardashian. In his interview with Jason Lee on Fox Soul’s Hollywood Unlocked, West claimed that Kardashian had her security team bar him from entering her home to see their four children because Davidson was in the house. Kardashian’s team denied those claims.

West also appeared to threaten the SNL actor on his latest single, “Eazy,” with rapper Game. Lyrics to Ye’s verse include, “God saved me from that crash, Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a–(who?).” But according to what sources told Page Six, the comedian finds Ye’s threats to be comical. They also claim that Davidson “loves” all of the newfound attention and drama surrounding him.

But things took somewhat of a turn when Kanye West took to Instagram recently to express his concerns upon finding out his firstborn daughter, 8-year old North West, was now on TikTok. According to West’s caption, North being on TikTok was “against his will.” Seemingly tired of the compounded comments by her estranged husband, Kim Kardashian could not take it anymore.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the reality star and business mogul expressed that Ye’s statements have been “more hurtful than any TikTok North might create.” Kim Kardashian did not stop there, however. The fashionista described her struggles as their four children’s “main provider and caregiver,” doing the utmost to “protect” their daughter. But, in doing so, she’s also allowing North to express her creativity on TIktok assuring her followers that she was not actively running her own TikTok account.

Now, amid rumors that Kanye West’s relationship with his new boo, Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox, is kaput, the rapper appears to want his family back again. On February 9th, West shared a collage of photos of his children and Kardashian and asked for God to bring them all back together.

But on February 10th, Ye began throwing his vitriol in Billie Eilish’s direction. The “Happier Than Ever” singer recently had a tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia. At the show, one of the Grammy-Award-winning singer’s fans had an unpleasant experience which prompted Eilish to halt her show for a time. A video captured by TMZ details the incident and the show’s interruption, where Eilish asked security to procure an inhaler for the fan. The singer can then be heard saying, “I wait for people to be okay before I keep going.” With this, fans erupt in cheers.

But many media outlets who covered the incident added a bit of a clickbait element that eluded Eilish throwing shade at Travis Scott for the Astroworld tragedy in 2021. Seemingly feeling the same way, Kanye West came to express his ire with Billie Eilish on his social media. Prefacing that we “love” the singer, West proceeded to ask for an apology to both Travis Scott and the families that were affected by the Astroworld Tragedy. “NO ONE INTENDED THIS TO HAPPEN,” the rapper said while adding that it was not Scott’s intention for the tragedy as well. In the same message, Kanye, who is slated to headline this year’s Coachella, stated his wishes for the apology to surface before his performance. The rapper also promised that Travis Scott would be with him at Coachella. Hours later, Eilish responded that she “Literally never said a thing about Travis” and assured him that she “Was just helping a fan.”

While Eilish’s comment may or may not have caught West’s eyes, one comment from a fan did. Ye screen-grabbed the statement that claimed he was”off his meds,” which led the fan to believe that his upcoming album would be great. However, Kanye took offense to saying that he was off of his medication.

West used the comment to take aim at this ‘terrible world.’ The comment, he stated, was “cheap and dismissive.” However, West insisted that it is not due to him being “afraid” when he speaks up.  “IT MEANS NOT GIVING POWER,” West wrote, adding that we should be more mindful and “conscious.”

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