Rapper Kevin Gates Believes A High Percentage Of Women Do Not Know How To Clean Themselves

In the last couple of weeks we’ve heard a few share their unsolicited opinions on women and their hygiene.

Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates is the latest to speak on this subject. Recently, the rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club, where he unleashed his opinion on women who don’t properly clean themselves. However, in Kevin’s opinion, the blame probably shouldn’t be pointed directly at women because maybe they weren’t taught the correct way.

It all started with Nick Cannon. The entertainer, CEO, and Wild ‘N Out host made an appearance on Angela Yee’s Lip Service Podcast in late July, where he dropped his belief that a whopping “80 percent of women probably need assistance when it comes to female hygiene.” As far as the other 20 percent of women, Cannon called them “magnificent” because they have “no smell.”

In the clip from his interviw with Angela Yee, Nick Cannon shared with the hosts that “men talk about this all the time.” And when one of the hosts demonstrates that she can be active and still have a great smell, he expressed that’s “not normal” for many women.

He then asked if women generally are unaware when things may not smell so fresh down there. Kevin Gates was asked the same question while on The Breakfast Club about poor hygiene in women. The “2 Phones” rapper disagreed with Nick Cannon’s high rate of 80 percent. However, he declared it was a “high percentage right.”

But Kevin Gates believes that it is not the fault of those women that they suffer from poor hygiene. Instead, the rapper shared that it’s simply a by-product of improper education.   “We’re forced into a society where the mama might have had to [be] the daddy and a mom in the relationship,” said Kevin Gates, adding that single-parent households play a part.

But the rapper praises and credits his grandmother for teaching him how to clean himself properly. Kevin Gates then shares that women should not place soap on or inside their parts to clean it. “It cleans itself.

You clean it internally. Nothing external adds value,” he said while smiling. The rapper is speaking about a proper diet to maintain a clean body, thus ensuring that the private areas are thoroughly cleansed.

In addition, Gates highlights that many just don’t know how to clean themselves in general. “A lot of people don’t even use wash rags,” he said. But the multi-platinum rapper explained that they shouldn’t be held at fault for something they were never properly taught.

Gates extended the hygiene talk to men as well, sharing that he personally knows some who were not taught how to clean themselves either. He also extended grace to the men but expressed that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Kevin Gates also spoke on women’s cleanliness while on the Caresha Please Podcast. The rapper expressed that he had a terrible encounter with a woman due to the smell and gave a detailed encounter. But he did share that he loves to “bathe” his woman before becoming intimate to ensure cleanliness. 

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