Rapper Lil Baby Named The New Jay-Z

Comparisons between new-age rappers and their more established contemporaries have been happening since the birth of hip-hop. So much of the genre was initially rooted in competition and battle rap, so naturally, as it became a global phenomenon, this tradition has elevated with it. Now, some 40 years since its inception, we have such iconic acts as Tupac, Biggie, Run DMC, and more. The new generation of rappers is easily the most divisive ever, with many critics not seeing the value or talent in some of the acts behind their auto-tuned vocals and social media-driven personas. One rapper that has been able to cut through all the noise however is Atlanta’s Lil Baby. So much so that many think he may be his generation’s Jay Z.

Vlad TV is a respected voice in the culture. So when he expressed his opinion on this matter, many had a lot to say. In a recent tweet, he expressed, “Lil Baby is the new Jay Z.” One user immediately agreed and reshared a tweet where he compares Jay and Lil baby’s careers.

According to his observations, both Jay and Baby are former dealers who also happen to be an excellent lyricists. Both men are also razor-focused on business and uplifting their respective communities and brands. He says that both Baby and Jay made a lifestyle out of rocking their logos and merch and that the two men are Sagittarius with neighboring birthdays. Jay is 12/4 and baby 12/3.

The same user also shared a Complex Magazine article highlighting Jay and Baby’s first interactions from March of 2021. At the time, Lil Baby had just tweeted about meeting Jay Z following his Grammy performance. “I met jay z. He let the security walk with Bey an he walked by his self. Boss S**t.” At the time, he said he was not too fond of meeting other celebrities but was really excited to meet Jay-Z because he admired him so much. Baby said he aspired to follow in Jay’s footsteps and looked up to him a lot.

It seems Lil Baby has been manifesting these comparisons for some time now. Users quoted song lyrics where he compared himself to the Roc Nation mogul. He rapped “Never met JAY-Z, but in my hood, I’m like Hov” on his song “Gang Signs.” On “That’s Facts,” he said, “Baby JAY-Z, I run me a billi’ up.” One user even re-shared a screenshot from Baby’s IG story where he proclaimed, “no cap, you know I’m baby Jay z.”

While some did agree with Vlad, others did not. Many re-shared memes display their confusion and dissatisfaction with this comparison. Some even used pictures of Jay and Baby looking unhappy to display their disagreement. Some assumed his Twitter account was hacked.

One user commented, “Jay-Z’s worst album is double the score of Lil Baby’s best.” Another chimed in, saying, “Lil baby does nothing better than jay z, and Lil baby has nothing close to jay z.” Some twitter users also claimed this comparison is very disrespectful to Jay-Z. Do you think Vlad is speaking a little too soon, or is Lil Baby on his way to being his generations Jay Z?

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