Rapper Lil Kim Reveals Abusive Relationship Left Her Needing Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim often gets hate for her ever-evolving plastic surgery over the years.

Many have blamed beauty standards, colorism, and low self-esteem for Lil Kim’s plastic surgery addiction. Lil Kim has been open about some of her plastic surgery over the years and admits that while some of her work is purely for aesthetics, she actually had to get her nose done twice following a violent relationship.

Lil Kim came into the game, a beautiful brown-skinned rapstress with all the energy of Brooklyn. Her raw appeal quickly caught the eye of the mainstream and high fashion worlds. With it came the pressure to fit new beauty standards, and Lil Kim began to appear lighter with a slimmer nose and bigger boobs, adhering to the ’90s sex symbol look made popular by women like Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra.

These days Kim has taken to the modern aesthetic, with augmented hips and a larger butt. Back in 2004, Kim shed a light on domestic violence and how it contributed to her physical changes and plastic surgery. Kim admitted to getting out of an abusive relationship a year prior to the discussion.

In said relationship, she was abused so badly that she had blood clots in her back and could barely walk. Kim admitted to coming home from a nose job only for her ex to break her nose again and send her right back to the hospital. She said that things got really bad, but eventually, she was able to get out.

Her doctor was able to salvage her nose, which Kim admits was completely shattered. “Actually, I just had to go in again, and the doctor had to fix my nose; it was almost shattered. You really can’t tell, but if you look closely, you can. It goes to the left,” she said.

Its believed that the man in question was famous drug dealer Damion World Hardy. The infamous Brooklyn kingpin is currently serving life in prison for six counts of murder.

Kim has also been open about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Notorious B.I.G. over the years. Kim would eventually create her Lil Kim Cares foundation to help battered women.

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