Rapper Lil Nas X Accused Of Pulling A ‘Milli Vanilli’

There is possibly no bigger troll than Lil Nas X right now. We’ve seen 50 Cent go absolutely wild on social media, as he’s apparently absent of any filters. There was also the reign of Tekashi 6ix9ine, whose grip on social media with his trolling often incited negativity. In 2021, however, Lil Nas X may be the one. The ‘Old Town Road’ rapper has had a chokehold on the Internet since dropping the single “Call Me By Your Name (Montero).” And while his works continue to cause an uproar, there are those who believe that him being a gay man is the work of a master troll.

At only 22-years-old, Lil Nas X (born Montero Lamar Hill) has set the world on fire with some record breaking music. His debut single “Old Town Road” became the fastest song to be certified Diamond by the RIAA. And although many counted Lil Nas X out and predicted he would be a one-hit wonder, the rapper’s debut album proved that he was here to stay. Before the release of the album Montero, Lil Nas X released singles that continued to keep tongues wagging. This would only intensify with the racy visuals and performances surrounding the singles.

Most of Lil Nas X’s material stems from his upbringing and experience growing up in the South as a homosexual young man. The Georgia native expressed to Out Magazine that he felt that he had to suppress his true self due to “microagressions” he would witness towards homosexuals. Another time, Lil Nas X shared to CBS This Morning that he would try and pray it away. “I was praying, praying, and praying that it was just a phase that would go away,” said the rapper.

One thing is certain, Lil Nas X is open with his preference in men. However, there are those that are not fully convinced that he is actually gay. Detractors have come forward to claim that the rapper is faking in order to keep his music in the forefront. Always finding the perfect opportunity to troll, Lil Nas X once tweeted that he “was never gay” and that it was an elaborate April Fools Day joke. Recently, Lil Nas X hit back at those who felt that he was faking his sexuality in order for his career to pop. “Y’all love saying i’m being gay for success but can’t name 5 successful gay male artists in the last 10 years to save your life,” the rapper tweeted.

One person who feels that Lil Nas X is a straight man, faking is comedian and actor TK Kirkland. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Kirkland states his belief that Lil Nas X is trolling as it pertains to his preference in men. TK Kirkland claims that no matter how crazy Lil Nas X gets with is antics, he believes the rapper is pulling a “Milli Vanilli.” The comedian also feels that Nas X actually “knows karate” and can fight like a “UFC fighter,” and was convinced by a manager to take advantage of pretending to like men. “Five years from now [Lil Nas X] is gonna say, ‘I tricked all y’all,” Kirkland said. “I been straight the whole time.” Check out his claims below.

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