Rapper Lil Nas X To Appear On Maury After Discovering The Love Of His Life Is Married With A 4-Year-Old Son

Lil Nas X might really be the greatest troll of all time. The international pop-star has spared no expense in the roll out of his album, and now only a few months removed from it’s release he is drumming up new buzz with a truly insane appearance on the Maury Show. In a preview from the episode, Montero comes face to face with his on and off screen love interest Yai Ariza, as they partake in typical outlandish Maury behavior. Is this a real episode or just another stunt?

In a post from the official Maury Show Account, a trailer featuring Maury, Lil Nas X and Yai appears with the caption “tune in next WEDNESDAY, November 17th to an all new EXCLUSIVE Maury!” This was followed by the hashtag #Maury24. In the video, Maury reveals that Lil Nas X aka Montero had found the “love of his life”, but was shocked to discover that Yai was married. “Maury, could we bring my man out” said Nas. After coming face to face with Yai’s “wife”, he reveals to her that he and Yai had been together for over a month and a half to which she responds “you’re a liar”.

The preview is sprinkled with clips of Nas holding roses and pictures of Yai and his “family” on the screen behind him. Yai reportedly also has a 4 year old name Noah with the woman in question. Nas jokes, “this might be YOUR baby Maury” when looking at side by sides of Yai and the baby. The show seems like it will feature a paternity test in classic Maury style, with scenes of Yai looking stressed while Maury prepares to read the results.

Another flash of scenes reveals what appears to be Yai presenting Nas with a ring, Yai and his “wife arguing” and Maruy asking “will Montero get exactly what he wants?” Nas at one point runs off the stage. Meanwhile his single “That’s What I Want” plays in the background.

Yai and Nas famously got hot and heavy in the accompanied video for the song. The high school football themed music video showed the “players” making love in the locker room, before following a similar story line to the Maury episode where Yai goes on to have a wife and kids and him and Nas never being together. The video also mirrors the film Brokeback Mountain.

Yai and Nas also famously made out on the BET Awards. Earlier this year Nas confessed to being in a relationship and being “happy”. Many speculated that it was Yai. Eventually Nas said they broke up, saying it just was not the “right time” for them. Well this Maury episode might make some sense of their situation. Maury has been working overtime to stay with the trends. His team is great at inserting themselves into any paternity disputes, from Bow Wow to Nick Cannon and others. He also jumped on the Certified Lover Boy trend using the pregnant woman emoji to promote his new season.

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