Rapper Mase and Diddy Reignites Feud After Diddy Claims Rapper Owes Him Money

Former friends and dynamic duo Mase and Sean “Diddy” Combs continue to duke it out online as Mase exposes him for bad business practices and shady dealings throughout his career. In the latest blow, Mase is connecting the dots between Diddy and several Bad Boy signees who have passed away broke while signed to his label.

During an interview with the Breakfast Club, Diddy says that he was never in the business of robbing anyone or doing bad business. Diddy claims that it is actually Mase who owes him $3 million. Diddy also says that he is willing to pay anyone who feels like he owes them money and asks for people to send him receipts so that he can clear his debts within 24hrs.

According to Mase, it’ll be hard for anyone to collect from Diddy because most of the artists who he owes are dead. Mase claims that all receipts are in Diddy’s mother’s name and that she has the receipts. Mase then brings up how Notorious B.I.G, Craig Mack, and Black Rob have all died while still being owed money from Diddy.

It is no secret that people speculate that Diddy was involved in the passing of The Notorious B.I.G. Some have even reported him saying things like “one of them got to go” when addressing the escalating issues between Biggie and Pac and how it was impacting his business. Diddy, then going by his original name Puff Daddy, went on to become a massive solo star following Biggie’s passing, with many assuming that someone his rise was connected to his friend’s passing.

Craig Mack was Bad Boy’s first breakout artist before being eclipsed and eventually overshadowed by The Notorious B.I.G. Mack would go on to leave the label a few years later and was gearing up to help Suge Knight launch a Death Row East but eventually disappeared completely, relocating to a South Carolina based church community. Mack would eventually die at the age of 47 from heart failure and never reunited with Diddy, famously missing his 2018 reunion show. Diddy was not allowed to attend his funeral and was not even aware of it.

Black Rob was facing health issues in his final days. Rob took to social media to ask fans for prayer and help, with many wondering why his former label, C.E.O. was quiet. Black Rob reportedly died broke, with many wondering how he could have such a big hit like “Woah” and die with nothing.

Diddy has been surrounded by rumors of shady business and personal dealings. Many people speculate that Kim Porter was in the middle of writing a tell-all about her life with him before her mysterious passing in 2019. Even for those still alive, many have not been able to escape what is famously called “The Bad Boy Curse.” Aubrey O’Day, B5, and Day 26 have all spoken out about this. Ryan Leslie famously fell off following Diddy courting his girlfriend, Cassie. Mase is feeling very bold these days and seems to be out of any kind of contract that can prohibit him from speaking out against Diddy. Could he have a point about Puff’s bad business?

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