Megan Thee Stallion’s Feud With Label Continues, Rapper Granted Restraining Order

Megan Thee Stallion is continuing to stand up against her label 1501. The “Hot Girl Summer” hitmaker has been trying to get away from the company for years and is currently in a bitter court battle with them. Things have escalated ahead of this year’s American Music Awards and it seem Meg was recently granted a restraining order against the imprint following some back and forth between them.

1501 Certified Entertainment, has been in court with the “Body” hitmaker for months as she’s been suing for $1 million in damages. Meg states that 1501 has mismanaged her money, tried to squander her album rollouts, and ruin her career. The label is run by Carl Crawford, who is a former baseball player for the Major League Baseball organization. Carl signed Meg in 2018, then she signed larger deals with 300 Entertainment and Roc Nation to aid in her management and distribution.

Megan has been trying to get out of her deal but continues running into issues because not all her projects are being considered albums, with some being called mixtapes. Namely 2021’s “Something For the Hotties.” Court documents revealed that “Plaintiff/counter-defendant Megan Pete’s p/k/a Megan Thee Stallion has not yet satisfied her ‘minimum recording commitment’ or ‘product commitment’ for the third option period under the contracts between the parties.”

Meg took to social media to let fans know that any information about her case with 1501 is inaccurate and that she is not scheduled to appear in court again till December 12th. “Please stop spreading misinformation, thanks,” she said on November 3rd. She doubled down, asking, “why yall so hype for negative news,” around the time they were reported that Meg had lost her suit.

While all roads are leading to December 12th, Meg scored a major win today in the form of a restraining order against 1501. According to Billboard, “court documents [obtained] indicated that she was granted a restraining order against 1501 entertainment and 300 Entertainment over claims that 1501 tried to block or interfere with exploiting, licensing, or publishing her music leading up to the AMAs.” In the documents, Megan expressed concerns over her well-being and has provided evidence showing that 1501 has been trying to do things to her behind the scenes that she feels are “threatening” and has identified as “retaliatory behavior that will irreparably harm” her without the proper protection.

Its stated that the court had to file an ex parte order “because there was not enough time to give notice to Defendants, hold a hearing, and issue a restraining order before the irreparable injury, loss, or damage would occur.” It seems that the label was trying to stop Megan from using her music in any of the promotion for the American Music Awards.

Megan only owed the label two more albums and was eager to get out of her deal but they are arguing that her project “Something for the Hotties” is not an album and have been using that as a way to keep her in contract.

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