Rapper Mia X Discusses When Cheating Is A Dealbreaker and When It Is Not

Is it ever ok to cheat on your partner in a relationship? Is cheating a dealbreaker? This topic has come up in many a conversation surrounding dating. For most, the answer is no; it’s never ok to step out when you have committed to being with that one person. But through the years, many have candidly expressed reasons or justifications for cheating. One of the latest to join the conversation is New Orleans rapper, Mia X.

Former No Limit Records rapper Mia X made a recent appearance on the Geto Boys Reloaded Podcast. She spoke about her life and storied career, including a rough period when she was diagnosed with cancer. As the conversation persisted, Mia X and the Geto Boys spoke on relationships and how certain things in her life affected her choices in relationships. When it comes to the subject of infidelity in men, the rapper stated that it all boils down to maturity, no matter the age. 

As she recalled past experiences from her mother and being a rap artist, Mia X stated she could see the many facets of men and how they operate. The “Whatcha Wanna Do” rapper shares many sayings and quotes from her grandmother throughout the conversation. One of the quotes she shared was, “A man will bring his [expletive] many places, but he can keep his heart in only one.” All of this enabled her to process that “some guys are just frisky” or “all over the place.”

“You have to find your comfort in your relationship because I’ve had guys step out,” shared Mia X. “And sometimes that was dealbreakers, and sometimes it wasn’t.” The rapper then gives an example as to what distinguishes the infraction from being a dealbreaker or not.

Back in 2016, Mia X was diagnosed with uterine cancer. During this time, the rapper shares that, among many other struggles, she admittedly was not in the position to intimately please a man the way he may want to be pleased. “So, I had to process that if you’re with someone, they might step out during this battle,” said Mia X. In that case, it came down to how much the man was “there” for her. Rampant sex, she says, is “not a big old thing” for her. What she requires more is “honesty and communication.”

“I’m probably one of the girls that’s a little different,” she admits. “When we talk about the situation, if it’s stepping out, and it’s some things I can understand and that he can understand, it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker.” Once again, Mia X shares a quote from her grandmother Viola, aka “Big Vi.” “My grandmother used to always tell me, ‘You got to be clear on your hell yeah’s and your NO’s.” While the rapper then shares she is not one to advise someone on their relationship, usually, she stands by her grandmother’s wise words and will at least pass that tidbit on.

Mia X’s comments similarly echo that of Tami Roman’s, who recently revealed that she gave her husband a pass to cheat recently. Roman states that she does not want to experience childbirth again and had plans for a surrogate because she is a woman of a certain age. However, while on The Real, the actress and reality star claimed that she “offered” her husband, Reggie Youngblood, “an opportunity for us to take a break for a year or two and let him go find someone to have a child with.” Then, after Youngblood would have the “break baby,” she claims they could get back together.

Roman’s reasons were due to Youngblood being much younger than her and not having any children of his own. Therefore, her allowing him to do this would grant him an opportunity to carry out his “legacy.” However, Roman clarified that her husband would only be allowed ONE woman. Roman also shared Youngblood’s response that he would not pursue her offer, as he chooses to spend his life with her: the woman he fell in love with. “And if God put me here and I’m not supposed to have children, then that’s what it is,” Romain claimed her husband’s response was.  What are your thoughts? Would you allow your significant other the opportunity to cheat, and what would your reasons be? Is there a justification for cheating?

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