Rapper Nicki Minaj Jumps On Instagram Live With Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels is known for chopping women down, but it appears he wants no smoke with music icon Nicki Minaj. The “Seeing Green” rapper decided to include Samuels in one of her recent Instagram lives, where she quizzed him on his rating of her. Kevin Samuels managed to make a name for himself on social media since the pandemic kicked off.

The image consultant has become a “relationship guru” known for his “honest” approach at telling women their worth and how they can improve themselves to get a man. His Youtube Channel has over 1 million subscribers who tune in weekly for discussions like “Do Modern Women Want More Than They Deserve?”, “Do High-Value Men Deserve To Cheat?” and “Ladies, the Older You Get, The Less You Get.”

Samuels has 1 million followers on IG as well and clearly made a fan in Nicki Minaj, who decided to have a conversation with him. In a clip of their discussion, the ever-animated Nicki asks Samuels what he would rate her. While pretending to be completely game for the conversation, Minaj comes off with an air of confidence that comes from knowing if Samuels says one wrong word, her audience will end his career.

Samuels seems to be aware of this, too, as he does more of a back and forth with Minaj than he usually does with women. He quickly shifts the questions to her, claiming that he never rates women and instead makes them rate themselves. He then asks her how tall she is and her dress size. Nicki starts laughing while pretending to not be sure of her size before answering “4.” He then asks her how she rates herself on a scale of 1-10, saying she cannot use 7 since it is the most common answer.

Nicki still answers 7, but Samuels does the unheard of for himself and actually rounds her number up to 9. According to him, Nicki has a beautifully symmetrical face and nice eyes. Fans in the comments immediately responded to how out of character Kevin was and how scared he must be of Minaj and her fan base, affectionately titled The Barbs. “Lmfao, this the nicest Kevin ever treated someone,” said one Twitter user. Someone responded to this, saying, “He played it smart lmao, he knew them Nicki Stans be on standby.”

Others were upset with Minaj for giving him a platform in the first place. “Did she really go on this man’s platform? Kenneth is really managing her. I’m seeing it,” commented one fan. Another added to this, saying, “Honestly, I feel she shouldn’t have done it. It’s bad for her brand and big name. She helped him out, I’m positive this is the most views he’s ever received. Beyonce would never.”

While we are not used to seeing Samuels being so nice, when considering his stance on power dynamics, this exchange makes a lot of sense. He usually talks to working-class women who are looking to court richer men. This is how he justifies belittling them because as he explains “whoever has the money has the power,” and to attract rich men, women should look and behave a certain way. In Nicki’s case, she is a happily married millionaire who does not actually need his help or advice.

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