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Rapper Nicki Minaj’s Husband Registers As An ‘Offender’ Making Home Address Public Information

We have been in an era where fanbases have crossed dangerous territory. Superstar rapper Nicki Minaj’s fanbase, affectionately known as her “Barbz,” have crossed many lines in the name of their Queen. Some people have experienced gruesome effects of her fandom, including having personal information released to the public. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Minaj has denounced her fans from engaging in such activity and has also participated in doing so recently. However, the rapper might have gotten an unfortunate taste of what it means to be doxxed with her and her husband’s address leaking on social media.

Many Barbz have gone on to social media in Nicki Minaj’s defense to threaten things like leaking a person’s home address or cell phone number for speaking against the rapper. In some cases, other artists with whom she’s had highly-publicized beefs caught the heat. For example, when rapper Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj were embroiled in a stirring beef that included the world-stopping “SHEther,” Barbz stopped at nothing to attack the Bronx rapper. Remy Ma once detailed in a past Instagram Live session that Minaj’s stans were going as far as calling her probation officer to have her arrested, thinking it was a “gangster” move. In response, she called them “lames.”

In another instance, Barbz swarmed over controversial conservative pundit Tomi Lahren. Then, she engaged in a war of words with Nicki Minaj after the rapper stood in 21 Savage’s defense once Lahren came after him. Soon, Twitter was alerted that the Barbz did their dirty work by leaking her phone number. A user on Twitter noted, “How do you Barbz be getting these people’s phone numbers to leak them?! Y’all done got Tomi Lahren’s phone number leaked now. I can’t underestimate y’all mfs no more. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear about y’all going to her house and taping her up. Y’all wild.”

There was also a time that rapper Cardi B, whom Nicki Minaj has definitely had issues with, was brought into the mix. According to her sister, Hennessey, Cardi was a victim of the Barbz leaking her personal phone number and bringing evidence to social media. With a lengthy post on her social media, Hennessey alleged that Nicki Minaj weaponized her fan pages with Cardi B’s cellphone number and stated that she did the same thing to rapper and reality star MariahLynn. She also expressed that they’d been receiving numerous daily death threats. Perez Hilton also almost received that same treatment. A fan threatened for the Barbz to find his personal information after he shared a post of Minaj at a concert, apparently body-shaming her.  

Then, Nicki Minaj herself gave an order for her Barbz to perform an attack. It had appeared that somehow, her phone number was given to a few people who chose to harass her and inundate her with text messages. However, instead of blocking the phone numbers that were texting her, Nicki Minaj simply urged her fans to “have no mercy” as she tweeted out a screenshot of the phone numbers. Instantly, they went forth. She quickly deleted it, but many on social media caught it and called her out for doxxing.

In September of 2021, Nicki Minaj faced backlash after what appeared to be anti-vax comments and claimed that her cousin suffered from swollen testicles due to the vaccine. She then controversially shared screenshots of multiple WhatsApp messages from a journalist requesting more information. Again, the rapper sent her Barbz after her with her personal information being shared. According to a report from The Jasmine BrandMinaj is now facing a $20 million lawsuit after allegedly leaking the reporter’s home address and phone number.

But the tables have turned on Nicki Minaj. The rapper became a wife when she married her husband, Kenneth Petty, in 2019, and the couple shares a son together. After that, however, Petty’s shady past erupted in the news cycles as he’d once been imprisoned for a nonconsensual tryst with another young woman.

Because of this, Kenneth Petty had to register as an offender in the state of New York and wherever he moved to. However, multiple reports state that he failed to officially register after relocating with Nicki Minaj to Los Angeles in 2019.  Due to his failure to register in California, Kenneth Petty was arrested in March 2020, as per Page Six. A judge recently sentenced him to three years probation and a year of house arrest. Due to Kenneth Petty officially being a registered offender, all of his information is made public by law. This includes wherever he resides. Because of this, someone on social media discovered and leaked the home address to where the couple rested their heads, The Source reports. However, the Zillow listing has since listed the address as unavailable due to it being rented out since 2020.

John Davidson
John Davidson
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