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Rapper Offset and Cardi B’s Most Extravagant Birthday Gifts Throughout The Years

Offset and Cardi B love a good birthday celebration. The A-list hip-hop royals have never been shy about splurging on each other or their daughter Kulture. Yesterday Cardi celebrated her birthday like a true superstar, with a host of big name friends and a dancehall themed bash. The day would not be complete without a gift from hubby Offset, and he sure did deliver. Let’s catch up with this couple and how they’ve celebrated each other over the years.

October 11th is Cardi B day, and she sure put on a show. The birthday girl gave 90’s dancehall vibes at her big bash which featured friends and collaborators Lizzo, Normani, Meg Thee Stallion, Quavo and many many more. She made sure everyone was prepped on the theme posting to her instagram “See y’all Dancehall Queens tomorrow♥️ old school dancehall & new school just come ready to skin out !!!!!”

While videos of Normani in splits and Lizzo’s outfit went viral, the real show stopper of the night was husband Offset unveiling this years lavish gift. Hopping on the mic and armed with a video presentation, The Migos frontman presented his wife with a stunning house in her families home country of The Dominican Republic. In a video posted to twitter by a partygoer, you could see the stunning aerial views and multi-tier home situated amongst tall palm trees. A pool can be seen in addition to some beautiful architecture. Cardi looked on in amazement with her guests.

The big purchase was for sure a one up from the couples past gift exchanges, but honestly anyone of their gifts before would have still sufficed since the couple does not do small or modest when celebrating each other.

Last year the “WAP” hitmaker surprised Offset with a golden Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The super custom car was gifted to him at a larger than life private party hosted by his wife. “SVJ MY BODY Thank you bae @iamcardib,” he captioned the video he posted to social media showing the surprise moment.

In the video you can see Cardi and friends walking Offset to the car, with Cardi covering his eyes with her hands. Upon seeing it he starts shouting while everyone cheered him on. Not only was his car pimped out, but so was his cake. Apparently the birthday cake was covered in jewelry and $100 bills.

The year before he got more $100 bills but this time Cardi found a more unique way to gift them. In the clip posted to her Instagram, Cardi asked her hubby what do you gift someone whose got everything? Then she enthusiastically says “The Fridge!” A friend opened the fridge behind Offset, unveiling an empty fridge except for stacks of money totaling in $500,000. “You can go buy yourself a car, go buy yourself more jewelry. You can even go buy me more Birkin bags,” she told a shocked Offset. “You can do whatever you want.”

For Cardi’s birthday last year Offset also gifted her a custom vehicle. After purchasing a billboard on Sunset Blvd to commemorate his lady, he gifted his then-estranged wife a brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan for her 28th birthday party which she celebrating is Las Vegas. The SUV cost upwards of $330,000 and featured a car seat embroidered with their daughter Kulture’s name.

The over the top display promoted partygoers to chant “take him back, take him back”, which she eventually did. While many celebrate the couple and their larger than life exchanges, some do criticize them, especially when it comes to the gifts the give their daughter Kulture. The toddler has already had birthdays larger than adults three times her age. Her princess themed bash this year featured a buffet, seafood tower and fondue fountains. The fairy tale-themed party also featured a Cinderella inspired horse and carriage combo which in addition to gifts totaled in over $250,000.

May felt the pair were doing it more for the attention than themselves, pointing out that Kulture is too young to appreciate any of the things she is receiving. They were called materialistic and vain, while Cardi defended herself and her right to spoil her daughter with the things she did not get growing up. Do you think their gift giving is over the top?

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