Rapper Offset Claims The Best Gift He’s Ever Received In Life Was His Brothers, Quavo and TakeOff: ‘We All We Got’ In Resurfaced Interview

Migos have faced some adversity throughout their lives. Most recently, the trio lost member TakeOff in an incident in Houston. Prior to that, the group was already fractured, with Offset distancing himself from TakeOff and Quavo ahead of their joint album Only Built for Infinity Links. Now, in the face of their latest tragedy, fans are hoping Offset and Quavo can reconcile and come together for their fans and families.

Quavo, Offset, and TakeOff grew up together in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The three men are related. Offset is Quavo’s cousin, and Quavo is TakeOff’s uncle. Their neighborhood was mostly suburban, not too far from Atlanta. The three were all they had, as their fathers were all absent from their lives. Quavo’s father passed when he was only four years old, leaving his mother to take care of him alone. TakeOff father abandoned him as a child. In past interviews, the group discussed how Momma Huncho taught each of them how to become men.

Offset famously reunited with his father after 23 years in an emotional IG post from 2019. The last time Offset seen his father he was 5-years-old. “Dreams do come true. Haven’t seen my father in 23 years !!!!!! And I still love him. The past is the past, and the present is all we have to rely on; we not perfect in any shape or form I love you, pops !!! No matter what!!!!”

He admitted that having no father growing up shaped the kind of man he was and why he would run the streets. Offset said he was open to reconciling because he understood the dynamics of co-parenting and the allure of the streets and could sympathize with his father. Although he had to grow up without a dad, Offset admits how crucial having his brothers Quavo and TakeOff was for him.

While they’ve achieved success together, the guys of Migos also took some L’s as a team too. Following their 2014 breakout, the young stars got into some trouble following a show in Georgia. All three of them faced weapons charges after being taken into custody after performing at Georgia Southern University. Someone reported that the group’s van smelled like w–d, so the sheriff investigated and found items on them.

“These discoveries were intensely concerning as the [items] had been brought to a university-sponsored event where over a thousand students were congregated,” sheriff’s officials wrote in their statement at the time. Quavo, TakeOff, and Offset were all apprehended as soon as they got off stage. In addition to the group being arrested, about a dozen other suspects who were in the two vans were also taken into custody

The guys went viral not too long after following a really awkward interview with Everyday Struggle at the Bet Awards. They were there to promote their single “Bad and Boujee” when DJ Akademiks mistakenly assumed TakeOff was left off the song. After a brief back and forth that resulted in the line “do it look like I was left off ‘Bad and Boujee?'” Joe Budden stormed out the interview and the guys jumped up to defend themselves. This clear display of unity and brotherhood was something they became synonymous with.

It’s reported that in his final moments, TakeOff was doing something similar to what happened in the famous interview, jumping up to defend his brother Quavo who was reportedly arguing with someone. Fans of the group have been revisiting old instances of the guys being there for one another in the same way. One of the fan’s favorite Migos interactions would be their episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on The Late Late Show. The video currently has 61 million views since hitting the net three years ago. In it, the guys drive around Los Angeles with large stacks of cash, singing their biggest hits.

Complex Music reshared a video to their Twitter account where Offset considers his brothers Quavo and TakeOff to be the best gifts he’s ever received. “My best gift from my brothers is my brothers. None of us would be here without each other. We held each other up through good times, hard times. We all we got, I don’t know nothing else” In the same clip, the late TakeOff shared that his best gift was a ring from his mother that had a picture of them on it. He said people always point out the ring, which he stressed he would never take it off.

Quavo capped it off by saying he loves the music he makes with them, and it means a lot to him.

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