Rapper Saweetie Called Out For Dragging Quavo At His Lowest Point: “He Just Lost His Nephew”

Rapper Saweetie is ready to put out new music, and her fans seem pretty excited. The Icy Girl has been relatively quiet for a few months but has been teasing her debut album for some time now. Her latest single, “Don’t Say Nothin’,” will be dropping Friday, and she released a short teaser to prep fans for the new era. The song is reportedly going to address her relationship with Quavo, her mental state, and a few other things she’s been quiet. Some people feel the timing is not great following TakeOff’s passing.

Saweetie and Quavo began dating way back in 2018, after months of speculation and her starring in the video for “Workin’ Me” as his love interest. They quickly became social media and red carpet official and were embraced by the masses as a hip-hop power couple. The duo exchanged lavish gifts, collaborated together, and frequently supported each other online.

Unfortunately, they would call it quits sometime in 2021, with a video of them fighting on an elevator leaking shortly after. Saweetie seems to have undergone some real trauma from the breakup, as fans pointed out her shaving her head and discussing her mental health in songs and interviews. Most recently, her name came up with rumors that she slept with Quavo’s cousin Offset. Offset is married to Cardi B and never addressed the rumors, but Quavo has alluded to it in songs. He most recently rapped about it on his last album with TakeOff.

TakeOff’s life was taken on November 1st, and his funeral was last week. Today, Saweetie took to social media to announce she was prepping a new single that would address her relationship with Quavo, and it has everyone torn, considering what he is going through. Fans said, “Saweetie is weird trying clear up the allegations while Quavo just lost somebody, and plus, the song sounds terrible; just don’t release it at all, lol.”

Another fan backed Saweetie, saying, “that man recreated their elevator fight for a music video, spoke shit about her on his songs, and y’all didn’t consider what Saweetie may have been going through in her personal life at that time.” Do you think Saweetie is out of line for the song?

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