Rapper Scarface Gives Update On Kidney Transplant

Rappers Scarface and Mia X recently sat down to discuss the dark side of recovery following life-saving surgeries. Both of them have had recent struggles with their health and are only with us today thanks to the miracles of science and advances in technology. While they are grateful for the doctors and professionals who have helped them beat their ailments, one thing they want fans to know is that the road to recovery is not easy. During a discussion with Mia on his Geto Boys Reloaded Youtube network, Scarface reveals that his body initially rejected the kidney his son gave him last year.

Brad “Scarface” Jordan, 50, is a pioneer in hip-hop and responsible for putting Houston, TX, on the map. The hip-hop icon revealed last year that COVID had compromised his kidney, forcing doctors to put him on dialysis. “When I did dialysis for a couple of months, I was tired of it all. I was sick of it all. Nah, I need a transplant,” Scarface recalls. So he took to Twitter in hopes of finding a kidney donor amongst his massive fanbase. “Just found out blood type don’t matter,” he Tweeted. “If you are a donor, they will match me with my kidney in exchange so anyone can be a donor, can’t thank y’all enough.”

Following the tweet, Scarface was met with a lot of love and volunteers. Many fans offered to donate to the legendary rapper. One fan claimed it would be ‘returning the favor’ since his music taught him how to manage his depression. Another fan claimed the rapper didn’t need a donor and only needs black seed oil and seamoss. “All you need is some Black Seed Oil and Seamoss. I shook my uncle back dealing with the same situation. Now his Kidneys is working back like he was. Thank me later Unk, I’m telling you it works.”

It turned out he did not have to look far, as his son, tour manager Christopher Jordan, was willing to go under the knife for his old man. “Why not? It’s my dad,” Jordan said in interviews. “He gave me life you know so it was only right that I return the favor by extending his.” Announcements of the surgery stated that it was successful, and Scarface was on the road to recovery.

However, Scarface recently opened up about his body rejecting the new kidney following the first week of healing. Scarface revealed he has similar symptoms. Often feeling pain in the area near his kidney, but realizing it’s all in his mind. He states that his body initially rejected his son’s kidney, treating it like a foreign entity in his body. He jokes that the new kidney was maybe throwing up the wrong gang signs, and his body fought off the kidney. “They hit it, knocked it out and I had to back to the hospital,” the rapper revealed. “Your body is going to fight off a foreign object.”

Although he faced many issues with the transparent initially, things seem to be going a lot better for the TX rapper who calls the complications ‘normal.’

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