Rapper Snoop Dogg’s 23-Year-Old Daughter Cori Broadus Reveals She’s Currently In Stage 3 Of Her Battle With Lupus

Cori Broadus has been in the public eye since she was a child. The daughter of Snoop Dogg, Broadus decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue a career as a singer.

With the additional spotlight from her own career, Broadus has tried to open up and keep fans educated on her struggle with lupus. She recently revealed that her diagnosis has gotten better.

Diagnosed with lupus at age 6, Cori has had to fight with the disease her entire life. Not only has it caused fluctuation in her weight, but it has impacted her overall day-to-day. Now 23, Cori is preparing for marriage and trying to keep her illness at bay so she can enjoy her new life with her husband.

She took to social media to reveal that she recently had surgery to remove a piece of kidney tissue so that they may analyze it for abnormalities. She took fans through the entire procedure. On February 10th, she posted, “During a kidney biopsy, your doctor uses a needle to remove a small sample of kidney tissue for lab testing.

The biopsy needle is inserted through your skin and is often directed using the guidance of an imaging device, such as ultrasound.” In another post, she opened up about the results, letting her followers know that her condition came back as mild, a 3 out of 5.

“Just got off the phone w my rheumatologist, and these are the results from the biopsy; 3 is mild but still active,” she wrote. “I would’ve had to take chemotherapy if I was at 4,” she revealed.

Cori says that she was a stage 4 when she was younger, resulting in more aggressive treatment at the time. Cori reveals that her disease also causes hair loss and a weakened immune system.

With the good news that her diagnosis was getting milder, Cori and her fiance decided to take a trip to Hawaii to relax. “One of the ways we cope with stress: Couples Edition. come with us to get a Couples Massage 💆🏿‍♀️ in Hawaii 🤎,” she captioned the post.

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