Rapper T.I. Believes He Knows What Kind Of Man Every Woman Wants

Rapper T.I has had a unique career trajectory.

Debuting in the ’00s, T.I became a leading voice in the Atlanta Trap rap movement. After some bad decisions landed him behind bars, the Rubber Band man made a full career 180, shifting his focus to his family, businesses, and more mainstream music.

T.I has now been the star of his reality show T.I & Tiny Family Hustle for over a decade and is much more known as a father and patriarch than a thug or rapper. 

T.I married singer/songwriter Tiny Harris and the two share a pretty big and blended family. Together they raised seven children. Zonnique Pullins – 24, Messiah Harris – 20, Deyjah Harris – 19, Domani Harris – 19, Clifford “King” Joseph Harris III – 16, Major Harris – 13 and the youngest, Heiress Harris – 5. 

T.I’s always ready to share his opinion on whatever topic, especially when it comes to women. Despite raising his own girls, T.I is not ashamed to embarrass or degrade women for the sake of a good sound bite. 

He famously exposed himself for taking his daughter Deyjah to the gynecologist once a year to check if her hymen was still intact. The tasteless display of toxic parenting got him on a lot of people’s bad sides and put a rift between him and his daughter for a while. 

T.I and his wife Tiny have also been caught up in some legal issues with a handful of women who claim the couple took advantage of them. While many of the charges have been dismissed, it did not look well for the rapper, thanks to his history of bad-mouthing women and appearing to be a womanizer in his youth. 

T.I’s poor choice of words with the ladies got him some heat when he tried to heckle a comedian back in April. After asking her to take off her wig while seated in the crowd, the woman fired back, asking him to address his sexual assault allegations. T.I eventually got up on stage and tried to hug her to diffuse the situation. 

T.I has also famously supported men like Kevin Samuels and actually was the last person to interview the toxic male icon prior to his passing. He famously defended Samuels and did not like how women celebrated following his death.

“Gon keep reppin for all the strong-minded black men that society has trained you to hate because they don’t go along with the programming,” he said ahead of their interview together. 

On the latest episode of his podcast, T.I questioned women’s intentions when pursuing “high value” men. “How you going to have a baller than ain’t never ball” asked one of the gentlemen. The guys argued that women actually prefer men who have a different woman around them because it proves that they are valued and in demand.

T.I says that women want men who have other women because it provides a vibe that some girls are attracted to. He argues that they actually enjoy the misogyny and toxic display of masculinity but just pretend like they don’t.

“I’ve seen too many times a woman get a man that she’s attracted to because he has options. Nobody wants nobody with no options.” T.I says the real challenge for women is courting that man and then getting him to cut off all his options, but it often does not fair well for everyone. 

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