Rapper T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Harris In More Trouble After Sharing Words With Youtube Blogger, T.I. Comes To His Defense

T.I and Tiny Harris’s son King continues down the path of darkness with his latest social media scandal. The reality star and aspiring rapper is taking heavily to the bad boy tropes. After getting arrested earlier this year, he is now going viral for threatening a youtuber who claims to be a ‘senior citizen.’ Despite his father admitting that his boy is on the wrong path, it seems dad came to King’s defense this time.

King Harris was born Clifford Joseph Harris III on August 25th, 2004. He’s the eldest of T.I and Tiny’s biological children and was raised on reality television with his parents as they’ve jumped from show to show. They are currently the stars of T.I and Tiny: Family and Friends Hustle which was temporarily suspended as his parents fended off court cases.

Meanwhile, King is busy getting into his own trouble. Over the summer, he was stopped on his way to vacation. He was with Lil Boosie’s son Tootie Raww. The boys reportedly had “drank” and other paraphernalia in the car, according to a joke T.I made during a standup routine. While his dad was able to make light of it during his set, he made it clear on IG live that he did not think his son’s actions were cool but also seemed like he could not control the boy. “If he gotdamn keep that up, he’s going to prison. Ain’t no way around it, ain’t nothing I’mma be able to do about it,” T.I vented. “‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s going to turn out.”

It seems like several people feel that King is on the road to ruin, and recently Youtube personality Charleston White spoke out about T.I and Boosie’s boys. He accused both kids of looking like they didn’t know how to fight and spoke ill of them on his channel. King did not like this and posted his own video response, letting White know that he and his friends had plans to beat the man up. Speaking in his father’s signature drawl, King taunted White, saying he had a “soft upbringing.”

His father T.I jumped on IG live as well to defend his boy. According to T.I, any grown-up who fixes their mouth to speak on a child is a punk. T.I says that he was not on “no tough stuff” or “gangsta stuff” and was simply responding as a father. The rapper felt Charleston was too old to be speaking on his child.

Well, Charleston is not feeling any of the heat being thrown his way and decided to go straight to the Atlanta PD. White claims he knows the same police that locked up rapper Young Thug and would be calling them on King. White made it clear he wants King behind bars and is not resting until this happens. T.I jumped in the comments on The Shade Room post to let fans know that he has been trying to have a conversation with White but has been unsuccessful. “still waiting to get on the phone or in ya face sir… been on hold since 1-2pm,” he responded.

Charleston posted another video claiming he fears for his life and shouldn’t have to respect a disrespectful child. Fans jumped in the comments agreeing with him saying “I don’t see nothing wrong with what he doing that child is disrespectful, entitled , & thinks he’s above the law.” During his Instagram live fans continued to call on T.I. to join him on the live. However, Charleston never accepted his request.

Do you think Charleston is within his right to call law enforcement on King?

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