TakeOff’s Family Is Growing Impatient, Demands The Person Responsible Is Found Immediately

TakeOff has been laid to rest, but the person responsible is still on the loose. Details of the night have been all over social media, with several online users trying to solve the mystery themselves. Despite many people trying to give the Houston PD leads, it appears no information has been made public about the status of the case. With TakeOff’s funeral now in the rearview, family members are demanding answers. 

On November 1st, the Houston PD chief held a press conference falling the tragic news. During his speech the Chief called out the hip-hop community for its growing crime rate. He stated the genre needed to be protected and not destroyed and wanted to start in his hometown. “We all need to stand together and make sure nobody tears down that industry. I want to meet with some artists and see how we can taper things down. I’m calling up on everybody. We got to police ourselves.” Despite his plea, no one has spoken up as of yet according to public reports.

Fans agreed, saying, “The Hip Hop community is the only one in the music industry that suffers these kind of losses. You don’t see country music artists being [taken out] by their own. We have to be better. This has to stop.” Another person tweeted, “This message hits differently coming from a black American than it would from a white American, for better or for worse. Hopefully, it will have a good impact.”

Everyone in the comments section made it clear they were eager to help Houston PD find any leads and even solve the case themselves if they had two. Despite people identifying suspects, there has yet to be any arrests made, at least not publicly.  One person tweeted, “now that TakeOff has been buried. Can the Houston Police start making arrests […] I’m tired of waiting, justice must be swift.” Another person said, “So Houston police ain’t [apprehended] nobody yet for the murder of Takeoff?” Popular blogger DJ Akademiks took to Twitch where he allegedly solved the entire case within a few minutes.

Fans are furious, but his family is even more upset. Quavo’s sister, who is also TakeOff’s aunt, took to IG to demand answers. “Find out who did this to my NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!! By any MEANS,” she said in a story post. This woman is also TakeOff’s mother’s sister. Her name is Shara Reed, and her IG lists her as “GA MAMA X 👧🏾👧🏾👧🏾WIFE to @noigjay40 Motherhood is my SUPERPOWER.” She posted up at their album release event in October and posted a beautiful message to Quavo and TakeOff at the time.

“To my brother and nephew. There may be times when god has to shift you from situations so the blessing can flow🙏🏾. Just know this time around, there will be more platinum records, more awards, more number 1 songs, and more sold-out shows. This season is only for the better. And to be honest, I couldn’t be more happier.” She went on to congratulate them on their hard work even when “evil tried to prevail” and told them to brace themselves for the abundance of blessings.

@quavohuncho @yrntakeoff y’all both know how I’m coming when it comes to y’all. Right there, LOUD and supportive, ALWAYS and FOREVER! The album sounds good af! So cheers on the platinum album, and more success is right on the way!”

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