Rapper The Game Speechless After Learning “Brother” Took His Own Life After Killing His Girlfriend

Rapper The Game is dealing with the unthinkable. The Los Angeles-based MC is coping with the murder/suicide of a close friend he considers to be his brother . Game took to social media early today to open up about the complicated emotions that he is feeling as he tried to unpack losing his friend and the dark circumstances of his final moments.

In a since-deleted post, The Game starts off by admitting that he needed a couple of days to process what happened before commenting on it. “The initial impact of hearing you were no longer on earth simply crushed me,” The Game said.

Born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, The Game knew his late friend Avante Rose since kindergarten. Game says that Rose was the first person he ever smoked with and recalled fondly how they would mow lawns as kids to make money for sodas and chips.

They would eventually get into trouble together, too, stealing cars and joining gangs. “Waiting on each other to get out of jail, selling dope, getting shot at, and surviving it all so that we could learn how to rap from watching ‘106 & Park,'” he remembered.

The Game goes on to say that the entire situation has been painful since his friend’s final moments were so tragic. Avante Rose stabbed his girlfriend Kassandra Arevaloz to death on May 30th. He then took his own life and was found days later.

The Game confessed that this factor has made it “hard to feel the way a person should normally feel when losing a best friend, brother.” He acknowledges that his friend “not only took his own life” but also “someone else’s as well.” “I send a tremendous amount of prayers to her family, and my heart is with you all as you process the untimely death of your daughter.”

The Game explains that he means no disrespect towards Arevaloz’s family by mourning Avante Rose and swears that the person he knew was not capable of something like this. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth, as several other women have come forward and admitted to Rose being abusive in other relationships as well.

One woman commented, “I’m so glad I got away,” while another recalled how Rose became violent when she refused his advances. It’s possible that the disturbing allegations by other women led to The Game removing the post in the first place.

Under a repost by The Neighborhood Talk, people tried to unpack the complicated situation and offer The Game and all parties affected some kind words. “He’s mourning his friend. You got to remember men who abuse women don’t show that side to their friends and family,” said one person.

Others still found The Game’s post insensitive and said, “My estranged husband just recently held me at gunpoint, and everyone, including my own family, had sympathy for him. So I’m a little on the fence about this because it hit home.”

One woman summed it all up, saying, “Abusive men are usually loved very much by their peers. They lead two totally different lives. My heart goes out to the victim and her family.”

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