Rapper Tyga Was Unable To Pay Rent, So Tenant Sued His 5-Year-Old Son Too Leaving The Kid’s Credit Future Uncertain

Rapper Tyga is a millionaire rapper, but he has historically been bad with money.

The “Rack City” rapper has a documented past of not paying his bills and even got his 5-year-old son caught up in the madness after not paying his rent properly. Let’s take a look at his history and why his son with Blac Chyna got sucked into it.

In 2015 the rapper was still shacking up with Jenner heiress, Kylie. The controversial pair lived it up and spent a lot of cash, but unfortunately, Tyga was not making sure his rent was taken care of. It came out that he owed $70k in back rent on a property in Calabasas that he was renting.

Tyga was asked to move out, but he claims that he was actually in the process of buying the home and had but $200k on it. Reps for Tyga confirmed at the time that the star had money in the bank but used credit for everything.

“I would estimate he has about $1 million in cash in the bank, but everything else is on credit. He makes a lot of money, but he’s not doing intelligent things with it,” the rep told the press.

In the years since, the rapper has become a powerhouse on OnlyFans, like his baby mama. Despite all the new cash flow, he’s still skipping out on rent. In 2020, a landlord came forward and claimed that Tyga owed them money for damages he left in their home after renting it.

Tyga took to social media to defend himself, sharing videos of the pad after he moved out with the caption, “looks nice to me” and “no damage here.”

Despite rich parents, King Cairo is already in debt. Tyga had listed his baby boy on the lease of a home he was renting in 2017 in Beverly Hills. The spot cost $4k a month, and Tyga stopped making payments on it less than a year into moving in. When the owners decided to sue Tyga, they had to list King Cairo as well since his name was on the home.

Blac Chyna did not respond to the news when it was first reported. Blac Chyna has also found herself in financial woes in recent months. The social media influencer and reality star was rumored to make millions on OnlyFans monthly. However, that claim was later debunked and Chyna revealed she only had $3,000 in her bank account.

Tyga has since settled things with the homeowners and cleared his boy’s name. Despite settling this debt, it now appears the rapper is behind on his car loans. A few months ago, Tyga was sued for missing car payments on both his lambo and bentley.

According to The Blast, Choice Motors Credit is demanding Tyga pays the full amount for both the 2013 Lamborghini Aventador and 2014 Bentley Mulsanne. 

In addition, the rapper is reportedly behind on his taxes and other purchases.

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