Raven Symone Claims She Discovered She Was Gay At 12-Year-Old, But Kept It To Herself To Save Her Career

Raven-Symone was a childhood star that gained the hearts of many around the nation. However, although she kept families entertained with her work as an actress and musician, the artist had been battling with a secret that she felt could potentially uproot and destroy her career. Since then, she’s become much more of an open book to her fans and is now speaking about the struggles of keeping her sexuality a secret since the age of 12.

It would seem that Raven-Symone was thrust into the spotlight the moment she came out of the womb. She was a model as a child for various brands before auditioning for a role in the film Ghost Dad, starring Bill Cosby. While she didn’t land the role in the movie, Cosby cast her in what would become the role that changed her life. Raven-Symone became known in households as “Olivia Kendall” on The Cosby Show from the sixth season until the end.

Amid speculations of her sexuality throughout the years, Raven-Symone sent the Internet afire via a tweet in 2013 celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriages. “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you,” she wrote. Later, the actress released a statement clarifying that she was a lesbian and was not getting married but that she was glad that she now could.

Now out and proud, Raven-Symone began publicly dating Empire actress AzMarie Livingston in 2012. However, the couple split after three years of dating. However, the actress and television personality found love and eventually got married in June 2020 to her wife, Miranda Maday.  

Raven-Symone participated in an episode of It Got Better in 2019, revealing that she knew of her sexuality at age 12. Recently, she spoke with Insider, where she detailed why she took so long to come out. The actress explained that there was a lack of lesbian “role models” that had a “positive response” after revealing their sexuality. Hence, she felt pressured to keep that information private.

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