R&B Group Xscape Back Down To Three Members For Upcoming Tour, After Lead Singer Latocha Scott Announce Will Not Be Performing

R&B Group Xscape is experiencing a career resurgence over the last decade thanks to group members Kandi Burruss and Tiny Harris and their forrays into reality television. The ladies have been part of some cultural moments celebrating their careers and the heyday of R&B. This included a well-received installment of Verzuz, a comeback tour, and some viral television interviews. Unfortunately, they are still plagued by some of the issues that haunted them as a group in the beginning, and now Latocha Scott is the latest to take a step back.

Xscape formed in the early ’90s and was a part of the girl group surge that gave us TLC, En Vogue, Spice Girls, Total, and eventually Destiny’s Child. While not the biggest group in comparison, they had some sizable hits like “Who Can I Run To,” “Just Kickin’ It,” and “My Little Secret.” In-fighting would eventually drive the girls apart, and records intended for their 4th studio album written by Kandi and Tiny would go on to become massive hits for TLC, including “No Scrubs.”

The song’s success ensured that Kandi and Tiny would be good outside of the group and just in time, as the foursome would implode shortly after. In 2017 the girls reunited for the series Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, where they tried to hash out their decades-old drama. In the show, the ladies revealed their individual takes on what split the group up. Kandi had done several interviews in the year prior where she maintained that LaTocha’s solo aspirations were what broke Xscape up.

LaTocha’s sister and fellow group member Tamika did not like this and took to Hot 97 to reveal that it was actually Kandi who split up Xscape after sleeping with their label head Jermaine Dupri and his father, industry executive Michael Mauldin. Kandi has since confessed to being intimate with Jermaine but never admitted if this is what caused the group’s rift. During an episode of Unsung, she cried and said she was not sure why Tamika would lie about something like that.

On his own, Jermaine admits he thinks he broke the ladies up in a 2019 interview with Ebony, but not because of his relationship with Kandi. Jermaine says that while LaTocha was the strongest vocalist in the group, Kandi sang his melodies easier and closer to how he intended them to sound, like T-Boz. He maintained it was “all about the music.”Their 2017 reunion tour was well received but ended in Kandi opting to do Broadway over new music with the ladies. The remaining trio dropped an album as XSCAP3. She did rejoin them last year for Verzuz.

It looks like LoTocha is now taking a step back as well, according to promotional images for an upcoming show. The R&B Music Experience will feature Kandi, Tiny, and Tamika. LaTocha reportedly turned down the opportunity to perform on the tour as she’s currently placing some distance between her and the group. Despite, removing herself from the tour and giving herself some distance, Latocha plans to join them at the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards

TMZ initially ran a story saying she was beefing with the ladies but has since updated it.

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